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Xcel Energy announced that it’s planning to build four wind farms in Minnesota and North Dakota as part of a project that would bring renewable energy to nearly 400,000 homes.

Aiming to provide power in the remote coastal areas of Bangladesh, mobile phone tower company edotco Bangladesh installed two wind turbines in Shah Porir Dwip, Teknaf and Cox's Bazar recently. 

Invenergy, the nation’s leading independent developer of renewable energy projects, announced the largest renewable project ever proposed for Long Island.

Mytrah Energy, one of India’s largest independent Power Producers in renewable energy announced that the installation of additional capacity at its Aspari project in Andhra Pradesh has taken its total wind portfolio energy capacity to 1000 MW (1 Gigawatt).

• GE to Provide 5-Megawatt Converters Based on the MV7000 Platform to XEMC Windpower Co. Ltd;

Pattern Energy Group Inc. ("Pattern Energy")  announced it has completed the acquisition of a 90 MW interest in the 179 MW Armow Wind power facility in Ontario, Canada from Pattern Energy Group LP ("Pattern Development").

It is the endeavour of every renewable energy company to maximize energy generation as well as to reduce energy consumption

The design of a wind turbine gearbox is challenging due to the loading and environmental conditions in which the gearbox must operate.

Wind turbines face harsh environmental conditions that are even more challenging for offshore units. Proper selection of specialty lubricants that allow wind turbines to run with maximum availability by avoiding non-scheduled shutdowns is one of the key contributors to achieving fast return on investment. 

The fixed and variable operations and maintenance (O&M) costs are a significant part of the overall LCOE of wind power. O&M costs typically account for 20% to 25% of the total LCOE of current wind power systems  Actual O&M costs from commissioned projects are not widely available.


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China Ming Yang Wind Power Grou

NYQ : MY - 22 Jun, 4:01pm
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First Trust ISE Global Wind Ene

PCX : FAN - 27 Oct, 8:00pm
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: SUZLON - 31 Dec,
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General Electric Company Common

NYQ : GE - 27 Oct, 4:00pm
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Low 28.61 52wk Low 27.10
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PNK : GCTAF - 27 Oct, 12:53pm
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Open 22.85 Mktcap 6.30B
High 22.85 52wk Hight 24.55
Low 22.76 52wk Low 14.80
Vol 4138 Avg Vol 2240
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PNK : XJNGF - 19 Oct, 3:13pm
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PNK : NRDXF - 24 Oct, 1:49pm
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Atlantica Yield plc - Ordinary

NMS : ABY - 27 Oct, 4:00pm
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Low 17.59 52wk Low 13.11
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Brookfield Renewable Partners L

NYQ : BEP - 27 Oct, 4:00pm
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Open 30.68 Mktcap 8.88B
High 30.68 52wk Hight 31.85
Low 29.95 52wk Low 20.36
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Pattern Energy Group Inc.

NMS : PEGI - 27 Oct, 4:00pm
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: RNW - 31 Dec,
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