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Longroad Energy selects Greenbyte for asset management of 1.2GW renewable portfolio

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Longroad Energy has selected Greenbyte to support in operations & management, asset management and remote monitoring of 1.2GW wind and solar projects across the US.

By bringing a modern, technology-agnostic approach to wind and solar data management, Greenbyte is a key partner to Longroad. The Greenbyte services, Bright for solar plant management and Breeze for wind farm management, are being used by Longroad in their remote operations center and by project stakeholders to monitor plant performance and availability. Longroad’s technical services team also leverages Breeze and Bright for data analysis, automated fault detection and reporting.

Longroad Energy, based in Boston, MA, is a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy assets in the US. Prior to the formation of the company in 2016, the Longroad team worked together for over ten years to successfully develop, finance, construct and operate 33 utility-scale wind and solar projects totaling over 3,300 MW.

Longroad Operations Director Jeremy Law said: “Greenbyte is a key part of Longroad’s strategy to deliver industry-leading O&M and Asset Management service to project owners.

“Our highly trained and experienced team leverages Greenbyte’s technology to optimize project performance and maximize long-term value.”

Greenbyte CEO Jonas Corné said: “We are excited to bring Longroad Energy on as a customer. Longroad Energy represents a new breed of companies that combine operational experience across technologies, scale, professionalism and agility to align them for success in the fast-paced US market.”