Rooftop Solar Construction Management

Rooftop solar project deployment on a large scale is still a new area for Indian companies and there is a growing need to understand the various modules and concepts associated with it. Developers, investors, EPC players, OEMs etc need better understanding and awareness of the potential challenges, risks and opportunities facing these projects. Also since roof-top projects will see a growing asset base consisting of distributed solar projects, managing such an asset base often requires different business model than grid-connected solar projects. Such business models have their own complexities in terms of financial models, managerial capabilities, project evaluation, project structures, technical requirements etc

This knowledge intensive workshop, designed for mid and senior management professionals, will focus on imparting latest knowledge on key business trends and & updates necessary for project managers, construction heads, business heads, finance managers and others.

The workshop will offer an excellent learning and networking opportunity for representatives from all stakeholders of solar industry. A combination of presentations by invited speakers, case study sessions, and discussion sessions reviewing recent advances in technology make this workshop a must attend for you and your team members.