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ReGen Energy Management System-ISO 50001: ‘A Commitment of optimum energy to Customer’

Tech Insights

It is the endeavour of every renewable energy company to maximize energy generation as well as to reduce energy consumption



 Dr Sanjiv Kawishwar-Sr VP (ReGenPowertech, India)


• Implementation of Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and certification to ISO 50001 helps company to achieve the objective of optimum generation and energy conservation. 

• ISO 50001 certification helps to regain the confidence of Investors and Financial Institutions in wind and solar energy projects

• It is the most pertinent standard for renewable energy companies today which demands demonstration of enhanced energy performance on a continual basis according to stringent specifications.

• EnMS Standard requires optimization of specific energy of each component / process / system of wind / solar park and hence effectively improves energy performance 

• EnMS certification is an assurance to customers that ‘optimum energy will be generated for life time’ by the wind turbines and also energy will be conserved in each associated process.

• EnMS is ‘A long-term sustainable solution to customers for optimization of energy in every process of generation or conservation’ and a modern key to success in global market. 

• Commitment to optimize energy through certification makes investor confident to get maximum returns

• Implementation of ‘Energy Management Systems’,  improves the carbon footprint of the company even for auxiliary processes other than electricity generation 

• When organisation implement ISO 50001 simultaneously with the type certification, it helps to create systems which generate optimum wind energy till life time.

ReGen Energy Policy–A True reflection of Vision and Mission

We are passionate to generate energy that is clean and to create a future that is Green. We commit ourselves to enhance energy performance of our processes, products and services through conservation and green energy.  

We endeavor to: 

  • Optimize renewable energy output of wind farms on continual basis.
  • Revitalize processes to reduce specific energy consumption. 
  • Uphold applicable legal and other requirements. 
  • Set and periodically review energy objectives & targets.
  • Deploy information and resources to achieve objectives & targets.  
  • Use energy efficient equipment designs and services.
  • Promote awareness to conserve energy that flows right through ReGen family members and community at large.                                                            

ReGen is the first and the only wind energy company to achieve ISO 50001-Energy Management Systems certification