Green Financing Taiwan


Green Financing Taiwan: Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing and Community Wind


Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing is a one of the most important trends in the renewable energy industry right now and is attracting huge interest around the world, becoming a new source of financing for wind and other renewable energy sources globally. According IRENA, companies sourced renewable electricity in 75 countries either through corporate PPA, utility green procurement programs or other schemes. There is no doubt that corporates are hungry for more renewable energy across the world.

Community wind is another type of financing for small scale wind farms. With Taiwan’s onshore wind potentials and government target of 2.5 GW, there is significant potential for wind development if community ownership can be introduced to the Taiwan market.

This one-day Conference is designed to talk about the opportunities and challenges for Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing and community ownership of wind farm in Taiwan and how the wind industry can take advantage of the financing potential of these trends. From business models for Corporate RE sourcing, to policies and legal barriers for each type of business models of corporate sourcing of RE and the Community ownership of wind farm – we will dive into how companies can be part of a new age of green financing in Taiwan.

This event follows GWEC’s corresponding event Global Offshore Wind Summit : Taiwan on the 24-25 April 2019. For more information about this event, visit the event website here

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