Vietnam Wind Power 2019 Finance Workshop


With the new Feed-in-Tariff announced in August 2018, Vietnam’s wind power sector is gaining new momentum. However, the lack of project financing is one of the key obstacles that could slow down this momentum, and this challenge must be addressed for wind power development to grow exponentially in Vietnam.

Concerns on PPA bankability, lack of liquidity in local banks, and high-risk perceived by international banks means that projects are struggling to obtain the financing needed to be developed. The risk vs returns debates is at the core of the project financing challenge in Vietnam, however banks are now beginning to see that the returns are now outweighing the risk and developers are finding new innovative ways for financing their projects.

This Finance Workshop, organised on the first day of the Vietnam Wind Power 2019 Conference, will gather experts on this topic and do a deep-dive into how the industry can overcome this project financing challenge to ensure Vietnam’s wind market can reach its full potential. We will cover topics such as:

If you are a wind developer, finance professional, researcher or stakeholder Vietnam’s wind market, than this Finance Workshop is a not-to-be-missed event to better understand the challenges of project financing, and how to overcome these challenges, in the Vietnam market.

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