Who runs the world – and how?


Who runs the world – and how?


Do women lead differently than men, and if so, do those differences come down to gender or organizational representation? That’s the question posed by Joan Michelson in a recent Forbes article on gender and leadership style. In the article, Michelson speaks with Laura Liswood, Secretary-General of the Council of Women World Leaders and a former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.

Instead of inherent gender-based norms dictating leadership behavior, Liswood focuses on the organizational dynamic between “the elephant” (the dominant group of leaders and decision-makers, which happen to be men in the global economy) and “the mouse” (the non-dominant group, or women in the global economy). “The mouse” has to take on a more understanding and adaptive stance to “the elephant” and the systems it creates; therefore, when women assume leadership positions, they still need to work within and through the system designed by men.

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