Naveen Balachandran joins GWEC

Naveen Balachandran has joined the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) as Special Advisor, Southeast Asia. Naveen has extensive experience in the wind industry in Asia, having worked for Vestas for 16 years in a number of roles spanning business development, public affairs and marketing, and more recently set up his own consulting firm which advises companies on project development and market entry into countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

GWEC CEO Ben Backwell says: “we are delighted to welcome Naveen into the GWEC team, as we build up our operations and help grow the wind energy market in the crucial region of Southeast Asia.” 

GWEC is creating a Southeast Asia Taskforce with leading participants in the wind industry to speed up wind deployment in the region. It will hold the Vietnam Wind Power 2019 conference in Hanoi on June 11-12 along with a series of other events to bring together the wind industry, investors and key stake holders.


GWEC at IRENA Coalition for Action meeting in Abu Dhabi

This week saw Ben Backwell, CEO of GWEC attend the latest IRENA Coalition for Action strategy meeting. Ben is joining the Steering Committee and will be working with organisations across the energy system to advance the uptake of renewables, discuss industry trends and share knowledge alongside best practice. 

The meeting explored the future priorities and work programme for the group going into 2019. A key part of the meeting was to discuss the future of renewables and how the group can ensure private sector investment in renewables in emerging markets.
Ben spoke on behalf of GWEC on how wind can be deployed in emerging countries and across the world. 

  • Find out more about the IRENA Coalition for Action here.

  • Find out more about the IRENA General Assembly here. 

Green Financing Taiwan: Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing and Community Wind


Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing is one of the most important trends in the renewable energy industry right now and is attracting huge interest around the world, becoming a new source of financing for wind and other renewable energy sources globally. According to IRENA, companies sourced renewable electricity in 75 countries either through corporate PPAs, utility green procurement programmes or other schemes. There is no doubt that corporates are hungry for more renewable energy across the world.

Community wind farms has been a common practice in Europe, it is a type of financing for small scale wind farms. With Taiwan’s onshore wind potential and a government target of 1.2 GW, there is significant potential for wind development if community ownership can be introduced to the Taiwan market to engage citizenship participation and investment.

This hald-day conference, on 26 April 2019, is designed to talk about the opportunities and challenges for Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing and community ownership of wind farms in Taiwan and how the wind industry can take advantage of the financing potential of these trends. From business models for Corporate RE sourcing, to policies and legal barriers for each type of business models of corporate sourcing of RE and the Community ownership of wind farm – we will dive into how companies can be part of a new age of green financing in Taiwan.

This event follows GWEC’s  Global Offshore Wind Summit : Taiwan which is taking place on the 24-25 April 2019. For more information about this event, visit the event website here

Wind Industry to hold Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan in April

The wind industry will hold the first Global Offshore Wind Summit in Taipei on 24-25 April.

The Summit on 25 April will be organized by the Global Wind Energy Council and the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) and supported by the Taiwan International Ports Corporation and The Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association, and is endorsed by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The event will be held at Huanan Financial Holdings Conference Centre. It will be preceded on 24th April by an invitation only round table discussion between industry and high level government representatives and dinner.

Taiwan has become one of the offshore wind power hotspots in Asia. The government’s 5.5GW offshore target by 2025 and an attractive and flexible regulatory framework have successfully attracted the interest of the offshore wind industry around the world. Offshore developers, OEMs and supply chain companies have flocked to Taiwan, teaming up with local companies and helping to establish Taipei as a regional hub of offshore development in Asia.

However, the process is not without its challenges, as the government seeks to push for the highest possible level of supply chain localization and has proposed changes to the established FiT scheme.

Alastair Dutton, the Chair of GWEC’s Global Offshore Wind Taskforce says: “Taiwan has taken a leadership position in terms of showing how new offshore wind markets can be developed at a fast pace in a way that attracts strong investments into the sector.” He adds “Fast growth creates its own challenges however and the experience is creating invaluable lessons for other markets looking to replicate Taiwan’s initiative.”

GWEC and ECCT’s event will address current challenges and look at Taiwan’s experience of building its offshore industry in a global context, examining lessons learnt so far and their relevance for other emerging offshore markets, and how the latest global technologies and experience can further develop the market.

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