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Australian renewables firm Windlab Ltd plans to build a 400-MW wind park in Meru County, central Kenya.

French renewables firm Vergnet said  it has completed the installation phase of its four-turbine wind power project of a 1.1-MW capacity in the eastern parts of Chad.

Fortum has made the investment decision to start the construction of the 90-megawatt Kalax wind park in Närpes, Finland.

- The clean energy giant accelerates its expansion plan in European market

- Signs the strategic cooperation contracts with Deuter, Bahama to co-design and develop solar backpacks & solar powered parasols for global market respectively

- Introduces its flexible modules & BIPV product- HanTile in Sweden Market; signs a USD 1 bn distribution agreement with Sun Lion Solar Ltd.

The clean energy giant, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), has been on a constant expansion mode and is steadfast to strengthen its foothold in the global market. The company recently exhibited its latest energy solutions at the 27th Intersolar Europe Exhibition, a world's leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners to feature its path-breaking energy solutions.

Hanergy Showcases Its Pioneering Energy Solutions At The Intersolar Europe Exhibition 2019 Image 2

As part of a three-day conference and exhibition held at Messe München Exhibition Centre, Munich, Germany from May 15-17, 2019, Hanergy showcased its most promising solar solutions.

Amongst the exhibits from Hanergy were - HanPaper Plus in, a portable solar power-bank product; HanPack, the solar backpack; and Humbrella, the solar-powered parasol, in consumer products category; and solar-powered housing solutions, like rooftop solutions of Single & Double Glass HanTile, power-generation wall solution, HanWall, and road paving solutions like HanBrick in the construction products category; Transportation solutions such as slide-in ground mounted system, Thin-Film Solar vehicle Roof, besides flexible modules, and production lines from Solibro and MiaSolé.

The most intriguing part is that Hanergy has also fast-tracked its global expansion with its participation at the Intersolar Europe Exhibition 2019. The company has signed the strategic cooperation contracts with renowned companies like Deuter & Bahama to co-design and develop solar backpacks & solar powered parasols respectively for the global market.

Hanergy Showcases Its Pioneering Energy Solutions At The Intersolar Europe Exhibition 2019 Image 3

As per the strategic co-operation contract with Deuter, Hanergy will be responsible for the development and the design of thin film flexible components, and Deuter will take the onus for the design and the production and the sales of the bags globally. The duo will adopt co-brand strategy to promote their upcoming solar backpacks.

On collaboration with Hanergy, Robert Schieferle, VP, Deuter said, “We’re pleased to build synergies with the company of Hanergy’s stature and bring to use their par-excellence thin film flexible components in our upcoming solar backpacks. We’re confident that our new solar backpack powered by Hanergy’ s light weight modules with dual branding of the two brands is surely going to be a head-turner.”

Deuter is a German brand of sport packs and bags, for hiking, trekking, snow sports and other uses. Founded in 1898, Deuter has been pioneering premium outdoor equipment market for over 120 years.

On the other hand, under the aegis of strategic partnership agreement with Bahama, Germany’s leading parasol brand, both the companies will co-operate to co-design and develop solar powered parasols.

Founded in 1950, today Bahama designs and manufactures a great variety of high-quality large-size parasols and sun sails.

Further, introducing its flexible modules & BIPV product- HanTile in the Sweden Market, the clean energy giant has also signed a USD 1 bn distribution agreement with Sun Lion Solar Ltd, one of renowned companies offering rooftop solutions in Scandinavian region for over 50 years.

Sweden’s solar market has grown tremendously in the past few years. Its operational PV capacity increased from 231 MW at the end of 2017 to 411 MW at the end of last year, according to new official statistics released by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten). The figures show that 2018 was the country’s best year ever in terms of solar energy development, with 180 MW added to the grid. That contrasts with 91 MW in 2017 and just 13 MW in 2016, while in 2015 and 2014 the country added around 37.6 MW and 36.2 MW, respectively.

Lv Yuan, vice president of Hanergy Overseas Sales company said, “Intersolar Europe has been around for years now, and we’ve been fortunate to be associated with the platform. Our participation at this year’s Intersolar Exhibition has yielded exceptionally good results for the company. We signed a US$1 billion contract to distribute our rooftop solution at Sweden, and we’ve also clinched strategic co-operation contracts with renowned companies in their respective fields like Deuter & Bahama to accentuate the look and feel of our solar backpacks and parasols, and also the sales in Europe and the world markets.”

According to Hanergy, it intends to close deals with nearly 85 potential customers with orders totaling to 380 MW at the Intersolar Exhibition. The company claims it received more than 5,000 visitors and thousands of experts from 160 nations during the exhibition.

Wang Zhongshuang, CEO of Hanergy Germany said, “Hanergy has been on a continuous growth trajectory and is constantly expanding its foothold in the global market. Our collaboration with Deuter and Bahama is a testament of our earnestness to apply our innovative thin film power technology to the products across industries. We’re committed to empower the world with mobile energy, and we’re open to work with top companies to create more energy efficient products that will change the way of life for consumers.”

According to the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power published recently by SolarPower Europe, Europe’s solar market is expected to grow exponentially. Germany will remain the largest PV market in Europe for years to come, with an expected newly installed solar capacity of 26.7 GW by 2023, bringing its total capacity to 72.6 GW. Spain will be the second-biggest market with new additions reaching 19.4 GW and its cumulative total hitting 25.3 GW by the end of the 2019-2023 period.

Over the next five years, the Netherlands, France and Italy will likely add 15.8 GW, 13.3 GW and 9.6 GW, respectively. They will be followed by Ukraine and Turkey, with 5.9 GW and 5.5 GW of respective projected growth.

Intersolar Europe, founded 27 years ago, has become one of the most important industry platforms for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners in the global solar industry. The exhibition focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, solar power plants, as well as grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy.

The clean energy giant is all set to showcase its pioneering energy solutions at the 27th Intersolar Europe Exhibition
Intends to expand its foothold in European market focusing on its innovative BIPV product HanTile

Sprng Energy gladly announces the partial commissioning of its second project in the country post Rewa.

-Alta Devices’ flexible gallium arsenide solar cells power the ThinSat Design

-The solar cells provide a new level of mechanical and design flexibility for the small satellite industry

- Showcases its latest solar roof tiling solution at Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center in Sydney

The clean energy giant, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), today announced that it's all set for the global launch of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile, its cutting-edge solar roof tiling solution developed in collaboration with CSR Group, the largest roof tiles producer and roofing solution provider in southern hemisphere. The duo, Hanergy and CSR Group have also co-constructed the Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center that was built last month at Monier Roofing Headquarter located in Rosehill, Sydney.

Ahead of the global launch later this year, Hanergy marks the debut of its brand new Thin Film Flat SOLARtile at Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center, welcoming the visitors and international companies across the globe to give them a first-hand view of this innovative solar roof tiling solution. The two companies will also sign an agreement to officially commence the presales of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Japan and Unite States markets.

Model House Applied with Thin Film FLAT SOARtile

The Thin Film Flat SOLARtile is specially designed to meet overseas market needs. Unlike the curve shape of HanTile, Thin Film Flat SOLARtile is flat and has a square shape, which enables the house to meet local housing standards and harmonize better with the neighborhood. It adopts CROSS BOND structure, where the tile-to-tile interlock is put right in the middle of next row’s tile to ensure best waterproof performance. Junction boxes are covered by 2mm steel and safe trays are used to protect cables. The design of roofing system is inspired by Gympie Pyramid to feature a traditional Pacific vibe and improve the aesthetics of the housing.

Mr. Lv Yuan, Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group said, “We’re particularly excited about the launch of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile in the global market. We’re confident that our latest solar roof tiling solution will set a new standard in the global solar market. Further, we’re thrilled to join forces with CSR group and hope to create yet another case study pronouncing the huge success of our soon to be launched solar roof tiling solution.”

With CIGS thin-film solar chips incorporated inside it, Thin Film Flat SOLARtile can achieve conversion efficiency, as high as 18.7% which is the world’s record. The product has received an outstanding rating for having been exceptionally wind, water proof and fire resistant. It can work under extreme conditions from -40 degrees to 80 degree Celsius. Along with thin-film technology’s characteristics of being light, thin and flexible, as well as being able to work under low light conditions, it has great adaptability and can be applied in varied scenarios.

Seizing over 70% market share in Australasia and the largest roof tiles producer and roofing solution provider in southern hemisphere, CSR Group is a major Australian industrial company producing building products for residential and commercial construction. It also owns the biggest glass manufacturer in Australia and a curtain wall solution company.

Earlier in December 2018, Hanergy had signed a co-operation agreement with CSR Group to co-develop Thin Film Flat SOLARtile. With CSR’s dominant market share in Australia market and rich experience in roofing industry, and Hanergy’s cutting-edge thin-film solar power technologies, the collaboration has borne great fruits.

Tucson Electric Power selected a site for its newest and largest wind farm.Tucson Electric Power selected a site for its newest and largest wind farm.

EDF Renewables, Canada today announced the signing of a 20-year Renewable Electricity Support Agreement with the Alberta Electricity System Operator for the renewable attributes related to the 201.6 megawatt Cypress Wind Project.

Area has potential to produce 2,500 megawatts of wind energy

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