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MeteoPole Zephy-Science awarded by the EU with a €1.3m grant to provide the whole wind industry value chain with the first-ever dedicated cloud-based computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform by 2020


After a phase 1 project successfully delivered in 2016, MeteoPole Zephy-Science’s revolutionary ZephyCloud platform has been awarded by the European Commission under the framework of Horizon 2020 Program with an additional phase 2 grant of €1.3 million for its ambitious 2-year R&D program.

Horizon 2020 is an extensive EU program set up to encourage breakthroughs or discoveries and to shorten the time-to-market of future first-class technologies. It promotes highly innovative projects with a strong emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and ability to tackle our societal challenges. As part of this framework program, EU decided to invest in highly innovative startups with global ambitions that want to disrupt the established value networks and existing markets.

97,019 eligible applications were received from private companies in the first two years of Horizon 2020 (20142015) out of a total 275,841 applications(Source: H2020MonitoringReport ).Thetotalnumberofapplications is expected to be higher than half a million by the end of 2017 in this highly competitive innovation program. MeteoPole Zephy-Science’s awarded phase 2 grant accounts for 31.5% of the total budget allocated for companies in the Energy Sector in France since the beginning of the program (2014).

France H2020 Energy1

Figure 1: MeteoPole Zephy-Science’s grant accounts for 31.5% of the total H2020 budget allocated in the Energy Sector in France (Source : H2020 SME Instrument Data Hub)

“By leveraging ZephyCloud, we will solve crucial problems across the whole industry value chain, says Karim Fahssis –CEO & Cofounder. Traditional on-premise licensed software solutions are dramatically reducing the added-value of well-trained engineers who should be given more analysis time with less runtime to fine-tune an unlimited number of almost instant results until a satisfying quantified level of accuracy is reached.”

Former ZephyTOOLS which was focused exclusively on pre-construction engineering applications (covering site selection, wind data processing & long-term adjustment, turbine micrositing, bankable AEP assessment, IEC site suitability) will now become ZephyFARM with the ambitious vision of covering also turbine design engineering requirements as well as post-construction applications such as power performance monitoring & optimization, preventive maintenance, condition monitoring and power forecasting.

“MeteoPole Zephy-Science’s selection is a great step ahead for the three unique verticals we developed over the years (MeteoPole Expertise, Zephy-Science Software and ZephyCloud Simulations) which validates our assumptions to have a positive impact by shaping the future of wind power engineering with a long-term focus on making wind projects more bankable, faster and increasing wind farms annual revenues, longer.”, says Tristan Clarenc –CTO & Cofounder.

Horizon 2020 Key Figures (2014-2017)

• Estimated Total Number of Applications by end 2017 (Worldwide) : 500,000+

• Total Number of Successful Phase 2 Applications (Worldwide) : 800

• Total Number of Successful Phase 2 Applications (France) : 49

• Total Number of Successful Phase 2 Applications in Energy Sector (France) : 4

• Total Budget Allocated for Successful Phase 2 Applications in Energy Sector (France) : €4 million

• Share of the Total Budget Allocated for Energy in France allocated to MeteoPole Zephy-Science : 31.5%

About MeteoPole Zephy-Science

• History: Founded in June 2012 in Marseilles (France) by Tristan Clarenc and Karim Fahssis

• Ownership: Tristan Clarenc (50%) and Karim Fahssis (50%)

• Shareholding : 100% in MeteoPole, Zephy-Science and ZephyCloud (France, China, India)

• Market: Global Wind Power Industry (Onshore & Offhsore, Pre-Construction & Post-Construction)

• Business Verticals: MeteoPole Expertise | Zephy-Science Software | ZephyCloud Simulations

• Selected Partners: EDF, E.ON, ENGIE, Iberdrola, Goldwind, Suzlon, Gamesa, Deutsche Windguard

• Globad Presence: France (Cevennes - Paris), China (Beijing - Nanjing), India (Hyderabad - Kambhat)