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Axalta Exhibits Energy Solutions Portfolio at CWIEME to Demonstrate Its 150 Years of Innovation in Coatings Industry


China represents the fastest-growing market for Axalta’s Energy Solutions products, and has quickly become a dynamic center of innovation and development for Voltatex and Voltron product lines.

 SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, is showcasing its entire Energy Solutions product family for key industry applications at the Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME) taking place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Convention Center in Shanghai on June 28-30, 2016, occupying booth D23 in Hall 2. This participation is also part of the celebration of Axalta’s 150th anniversary in the coatings industry.

Axalta’s display is divided into three parts: Axalta’s 150 year history of innovation, the Energy Solutions product portfolio, and the key sustainable applications for wind generators, small and mid-sized motors and transformers, flat wire and electric tools.

“Sustainability is not only an important national strategy for China, but also a force that is driving Axalta to innovate for a variety of industries that we serve,” says Michael Cash, Senior Vice President and President of Industrial Coatings at Axalta. “At CWIEME Shanghai 2016, visitors can experience Axalta’s contribution and progress around sustainability through the demonstration of the full Energy Solutions portfolio of products and their application in key industries such as wind power, small and medium sized motors and electronic transformers.”

Wind generator applications require highly-compact, extremely weather-resistant and environmentally responsible insulation systems that are also low cost. Axalta’s Energy Solutions products have been applied in the wind power field for more than ten years. Related products include Voltron® Corona Resistant Systems as well as Voltatex® low emission Impregnating Resins.

Voltron corona resistant wire enamel has a global patent due to its nanometer-chelate technology which creates a stable system and provides an excellent corona resistant lifespan important for wind power applications. The other Axalta system for wind power is Voltatex impregnating resins, which offer high productivity and cost effective application. Low VOC emissions provide an improved environmental footprint for wind generators.

Another sustainable application comes from Axalta’s Voltatex water based impregnating resins, which use water as a dilution agent without producing any VOCs. It also has epoxide, with good mechanical performance, long-term aging resistance and excellent electric performance. It has become the ideal choice for small and mid size motors and electronic transformers to improve efficiency and environmental protection. It is mainly used for insulation in starter coils found in compressor motors, hermetic motors, water pumps and other electronic tools. In addition to these applications, Axalta’s Energy Solutions family is also widely used in flat wire and electronic tools to improve their efficiency and environmental impact.

“China represents the fastest-growing market for Axalta’s Energy Solutions products, and has quickly become a dynamic center of innovation and development for Voltatex and Voltron product lines,” adds Michael Cash. “More than half of our nine new products launched globally in the last three years have been developed in China or the motivation for their development has been first and foremost to satisfy a need in the Chinese market where we are committed to help our customers grow their businesses while supporting their sustainability goals.”

Axalta has been establishing the superior quality standards that characterize its Voltatex brand and building up the integrated Energy Solutions family since it developed its first oil-free synthetic wire enamel in 1942. All three series of sustainable products, including wire enamel, impregnating resins and electrical steel coatings are on display at the show.

The more than fifty-six products in seven series of the Energy Solutions wire enamel range offer high heat-resistance, high mechanical stability, excellent adherence to copper and resistance to transformer oil due to different materials and processes. They bring lower costs and longer lifespans to the products they are used on – from fine wire for miniaturized electronic components to heavy-round and rectangular conductors for large motors, as well as small electrical motors, big generators and transformers.

As key components in modern motors, generators and transformers, impregnating resins are widely used in solar inverters, electric vehicles, wind generators, rail transportation, servo motors and electric tools due to their outstanding performance in terms of environmental protection, as well as efficiency, durability and safety.

The fifteen water-soluble thermosetting coating products in Axalta’s electrical steel coatings line can improve punching and corrosion protection because of the excellent adhesion and high elasticity of the varnishes. These water soluble products, with high resistance against pressure and temperature, also extend the performance life and reduce the cost of the tools, small motors, as well as medium size and large machines to which they are applied.

About Axalta Coating Systems – Celebrating 150 Years in the Coatings Industry

Axalta is a leading global company focused solely on coatings and providing customers with innovative, colorful, beautiful and sustainable solutions. From light OEM vehicles, commercial vehicles and refinish applications to electric motors, buildings and pipelines, our coatings are designed to prevent corrosion, increase productivity and enable the materials we coat to last longer. With 150 years of experience in the coatings industry, the more than 12,800 people of Axalta continue to find ways to better serve our more than 100,000 customers in 130 countries every day with the finest coatings, application systems and technology.