Thu, May

Installation of Wind Power Generation System Planned


JICA has signed a Minutes of Discussions with the Government of Tonga as part of the Preparatory Survey for the Project on Installation of Wind Power Generation System for Tongatapu.

This Minutes of Discussions was signed on behalf of the Government of Tonga by the Ministry of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communication (MEIDECC) and Ministry of Finance and National Planning as well as Tonga Power Limited.

Based on a request from the Government of Tonga to the Government of Japan to implement a 1.3MW Wind Power Generation Systems, JICA has dispatched a Survey Mission to Tonga on 29th June until 15th July to commence the Project Preparatory Survey and confirm the each Government responsibility such as land issue, road access, and duty exemptions etc.

Again, this Survey Mission will continue this Detail Survey in August and December 2016 with hoping to finalize all necessary documents to be submitted to Japan Cabinet for final decision around May 2017.

JICA has already installed a 1 MW Mirco-grid Controller System and Solar PV in 2015 as well as Introduction of Solar Home System for the Outer Islands as part of their effort in contribution towards Tonga Energy Road Map target of achieving 50% Renewable Energy Generation by year 2020.

The Survey Mission Delegation was leaded by Mr. Fuyuki Sagara, Director for Energy and Mining Group, Mr. Yamato Kawamata, Ms. Yumi Nakgawa (JICA Headquarter) together with the Consultant Team from Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd.