Thu, Jan

Fitch Releases Report on Brazilian Wind Project Performance

South America

According to a new Fitch Ratings report, overall output performance of Brazilian wind projects in 2015 was the lowest of the past three years, with only 48% of Brazilian wind projects generating volumes above physical guarantee levels.

In addition, 2015 showed the highest difference in performance between projects. The report, entitled "Wind Projects in Brazil: Less Output, More Volatility", summarizes wind project energy generation performance from 2013 until April 2016. 

The data was extracted from the national grid operator's (Operador Nacional do Sistema Eletrico - ONS) monthly wind generation reports, dated December 2015 and April 2016. The sample was adjusted to remove projects that began operating after January 2015 in order to have at least one full year of operating data. In total, the information is derived from 64 projects connected to the grid with total installed capacity of 3,536MW. 

Appendix A, B and C of the report provide data on energy generation consolidated by State, commercial operating date, and by sponsor for years 2015, 2014 and 2013, respectively.