MNRE Grants Additional 3 Month Extension in Scheduled Commissioning Date of Wind Projects


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Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Wind Energy Division has issued Memorandum regarding Time-extension in Scheduled Commissioning Date of Wind Energy Projects considering disruption due to post-COVID supply chain and monsoon related disruptions.

In order to facilitate the ease of doing business and as a measure of reliefto RE projects so that they can deal with difficulties arising out of the restrictions imposed on account of the second COVID-19 surge, it was conveyed that MNRE has decided that the entire period of disruption i.e. 1st April, 2021 to 15th June, 2021 (both dates inclusive) can be allowed as time-extension to RE projects, being implemented through Implementing agencies designated by MNRE or under various schemes of MNRE.

The Ministry had received various representations from wind industry requesting additional time extension for wind power projects as special case, considering supply chain disruption due to second COVID-19 surge followed by monsoon related disruptions. Manufacturing of wind turbine requires large number of components. Also installation of wind turbine requires transportation of heavy/ large components such as nacelle, tower, blades, etc as well as movement of construction machinery at the site. The broad disruption period considered by MNRE during second COVID-19 surge ended on 15″ June 2021. This immediately was followed by monsoon season in various parts of the country, during which the movement of heavy machinery required for installation of wind turbines became a constraint.

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In order to provide relief to wind power project developers on account of supply chain disruption due to second COVID-19 surge, it has been decided that for wind power projects for which the PPA was signed and orders for WTGs placed before 15 June, 2021, the implementing agencies can allow an additional time extension in addition to extension up to 3 months in the Scheduled Commissioning Date. The extension may be considered on a case to case basis after due diligence and careful consideration of the specific circumstances of the case.

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