Despite of Supply Chain and Market Pressures, Wind Turbine Suppliers Report Record-Breaking Year for Deliveries


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According to GWEC’s annual Supply Side Data, wind turbine suppliers provided a record volume of supply in 2022. The report shows that 30 wind turbine manufacturers have installed 104.7 GW new wind power capacity, despite continued disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as increasing pressure from logistical and commodity price rises.

Although turbine manufacturers have delivered record-breaking numbers of projects in 2021, financial results have been skewed by a low price environment, higher external cost and continued bottlenecks that are hindering wind energy’s rapid expansion.

The International Energy Agency (IEA), estimates that the world must add around 390 GW to its wind energy generation capacity by 2030 in order to maintain a 1.5 degree Celsius limit on global warming. According to the Global Wind Report 2022 of GWEC, installations must quadruple by 2030 in order to maintain that figure. This is possible only if there is support for markets that provide clean energy and create jobs, as well as financial markets that are free from fossil fuels.

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Ben Backwell is the CEO of GWEC. He said that the new record in installation is a testament to the important role that wind energy plays in delivering the energy transformation and protecting people from high fuel prices.

However, the UN Secretary General stressed yesterday that governments must urgently take action in order to accelerate the transition to renewables. This includes cutting red tape, speeding up grid investments, and ensuring that markets properly remunerate green electricity instead of subsidising fossil fuels.

“The fact that wind turbine producers are struggling to make profits does not place the world in a strong spot to scale up investments and reach the correct level of installations – 390GW annually – that we need by the end this decade” said Ben Backwell.

Top offshore wind turbine suppliers’ annual installed capacity 2021

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