Exim Bank Invites Applications from Eligible Indian Entities for Prequalification of EPC Contractor for 51 MW Wind Farm in Cuba


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The Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank), on behalf of the Government of India (GOI) has approved financing a project out of a Line of Credit extended to the Banco Exterior de Cuba for 51 MW Wind Farm at Rio Seco, Holguin Province, Cuba. A part ofthe LOC shall be utilized for construction of the Wind Farm for which Exim Bank now seeks applications for prequalification fromeligible Indian entities.

An upfront and non-refundable Processing Fee of INR 50,000 plus applicable GST (presently 18%) is payable through NEFT transfer.

The preparation and submission of Application for Prequalification is required in dual mode (on-line as well as off-line) in accordance with the provisions of the Application Document.

Scope of EPC: Indicative Scope of EPC Contractor for the project is given below:
• Manufacturing of Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) of indicative capacity 2.2 MW to 3 MW each to meet the capacity requirements i.e. ~ 51 MW at any company owned
manufacturing site in India.
• Transportation of WTG components (Nacelle, Hub, Blades, Towers) from India to the Project Site in Cuba.
• Assembly and Commissioning of all plant equipment (including the supply of the 110 kV evacuation line and the expansion of the Banes 110/34.5 Electrical Substation)
• Building the WTG Foundation
• Development of Site for installation of WTGs
• Installation of WTGs at the Rio Seco Site in Holguin Province
• Construction of Power Evacuation Line and Bay Expansion at SE Banes 110 kV s/s
• Assembly and Start-up of the equipment of the Rio Seco 110/34.5 kV Electrical Substation for connection with the National Electrical System (SEN) including Indian Side supplies
• Erection and Commissioning of the Wind Farm
• Technical Assistance, Operation and Maintenance for a period of one year with the participation of Cuban personnel.

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The induced works shall be undertaken by Government of Cuba through its own funding/EPC contractor, as below:
• Construction of access road from the Guardalavaca-Banes highway (approx. 10 kms) from La Vega De Sama in Cuba to the Wind Farm.
• Building the Internal Roads of the Selected Area
• Site Development – Cuban Side will carry out the project studies.
• Modifications in the road at the critical points of the road from the Port of Vita to La Vega de Sama to allow the safe transit of loads of exceptional dimensions and weights.
• Prepare the port for the reception of technological equipment
• Construction of a logistical support base adjacent to the Wind Farm
• Building the 110 kV line from the wind farm to the Banes S/s for the evacuation of
the energy produced
• Carrying out the expansion of the Banes S/s
• Build the 34 kV power line for temporary installation
• Build the Control house of the Wind Farm

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The duration of the contract is expected to be 22 months from the Contract Effective Date.

The deadline for Application submission is September 05, 2022, Time: 15:00 hrs. The opening of the Applications shall be on the same day at 15:30 hrs

For more details views below document:

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