Ingeteam supplies 1 GW of wind power converters in India


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The company, which supplies wind converters from its plant located in Chennai, in southern India, has reached 1 GW in its first year of operations.

Ingeteam, a global and independent supplier of electrical conversion equipment, has supplied 1GW in its first year of operations at the Chennai wind plant in southern India. In this way, the company continues to implement its growth plans in the wind industry of the Asian country.

In autumn of 2018, Ingeteam established this new installation in Chennai with an area of 3,500m2, to meet the demand for converters for wind turbines and state-of-the-art power and control equipment from local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and international

    Ingeteam has expanded the productive capacity of its plant by 40%

Recently, as a result of positive trends in both the Indian and world markets, the factory expanded its production facilities thus increasing its production capacity by 40%, reaching 4,900 m2. In addition, it tripled the staff to 82 employees and presented three additional products in its local production range.

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As Ingeteam’s production strategy marks, its wind farm in Chennai stands out for its adaptability, since it has a modular design that allows it to rapidly increase or decrease production according to changing market needs. This flexibility is key to guarantee the maintenance of the efficiency and profitability of the production center in the future.

Currently, Ingeteam is the world’s number one independent converter provider for wind applications, with more than 45 GW of installed capacity. The company, characterized by its commitment to emerging markets, entered the Indian photovoltaic solar sector in 2013, with a central office in Delhi; and in 2018, it became one of the first global industrial groups to invest in the then nascent wind sector of India, with its new factory in Chennai. This initial commitment has allowed it to consolidate itself as the leading provider of wind power converters in the country.

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