CEE Group Acquires Further Wind Farm In Germany From DunoAir


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CEE Group, the Hamburg-based renewable asset manager and DunoAir, an experienced wind energy project development company based in The Netherlands, announced today that CEE has acquired the Schwalbach wind farm in Saarland in Germany from DunoAir. The acquisition increases the
rated capacity of its wind portfolio to 435 megawatts (MW).

The Schwalbach wind farm consists of four Enercon E-115 turbines and has a total capacity of 12 MW. CEE Operations GmbH will be responsible for the commercial management of the asset, while DunoAir Windpark Management B.V. will oversee technical operations of the wind farm which in 2018 produced approximately 35 million kWh of clean electricity.

“We are delighted to successfully acquire another wind farm in Germany from DunoAir. Our strategy of acquiring projects in well-established partnerships and co-operations as repeat deals, has once again proved its worth”, said Detlef Schreiber, CEO of the CEE Group. “In addition to our International activities, especially in Scandinavia, we are also maintaining our growth strategy in Germany and continue to see further growth potential here”, adds Jens Schnoor, Investment Director of CEE.

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“The fight against global climate change means a great deal to us as a family-friendly company, so that we will continue to passionately advocate for every single approval of a wind turbine in the future. With the CEE Group we have a reliable and competent partner at our side”, CEO of DunoAir Arjen Ploeg is pleased about the third successful cooperation with CEE. By producing electricity from the four wind turbines in the Schwalbach wind farm, more than 26,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved every year, and the park makes a small but important contribution to achieving our climate protection targets. “Approvals in Saarland are not easy to obtain. All the more reason for us to
be pleased about the third approved wind farm in Saarland within three years”,
says Marc Wiemann, head of the planning department.

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