Operational Management for Wind Farm from IWB


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For the Basel-based energy supply company IWB (Industrielle Werke Basel), wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG takes over the operational management of the Hamwiede wind farm. The operational manager from Bremen is thus responsible for the commercial and technical management of seven Nordex N117 turbines with a total capacity of 16.8 megawatts. The wind farm in Lower Saxony went into operation in 2015 and is located only around 60
kilometers from the wpd wind manager site in Bremen. “We have been in contact with wpd windmanager for many years,” says Michael Rückert, asset manager at IWB. “We know and appreciate their expertise and the wide range of services they offer in the field of operations management.” The proximity of the wind farm to the Bremen site and the large Nordex portfolio were further good arguments in favour of working with the operational manager.

IWB acquired the Hamwiede wind farm at the beginning of 2015, shortly before the farm was commissioned. About five years later, IWB is now breaking new ground in the field of operational management. “IWB had very specific
requirements for the management of its wind farm”, says Gerrit Baerwald, technical management and sales at wpd windmanager. “Thanks to our large Nordex portfolio and our many years of experience with the N117 turbine, a very
cooperative exchange of ideas has been established. We are therefore looking forward to working with IWB with eager anticipation.” Besides the Hamwiede wind farm, the Basel-based energy supply company operates further wind farms in Germany, France and Switzerland.

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