SECI Tenders 2000 MW ISTS-Connected Wind Power Projects in India


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Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI) Has invited tender of 2000 MW ISTS-connected wind power projects in India under tariff-based competitive bidding (tranche-ix) for selection of wind power developers.

The last date of bid submission is on 06.05.2020 at 18:00 hrs. A pre-bid meeting is scheduled on 08.04.2020 at 11:00 hrs. Single-stage, double envelope bidding followed by an e-reverse auction and L-1 matching, has been envisaged under this tender. Bidders have to submit both Techno-Commercial bid and Financial bid (tariff) together. The financial bid opening date will be informed to eligible bidders before the start of Reverse Auction. Date and time for the start of Reverse Auction will be intimidated by email.

Broad Scope of work is setting up of Wind Power Projects in India on “Build Own Operate” basis and selling the Wind Power to the SECI. The location of this tender is anywhere in India.

The cost of the RfS document is Rs. 29500/- (inclusive of GST) which is to be submitted either through NEFT/RTGS transfer or in the form of DD/Pay Order. Processing fee of Rs. 5 Lakh +18% GST should be submitted by the bidder for each project from 50 MW up to 99.9 MW, and Rs. 15 Lakh + 18% GST for each project from 100 MW and above. Successful Bidders shall have to pay Rs.1 lakh/MW/project + 18% GST towards pre-commissioning and commissioning expenses. The payments have to be made by the selected Bidder in the form of DD/Pay Order/transfer through RTGS, within 30 days of issuance of Letter of Award (LoA)

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Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) of Rs. 6 Lakh / MW per Project is to be submitted by the bidder in the form of Bank Guarantee and the same should be valid for 09 months from the last date of bid submission.MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) registered under NSIC/DIC/Udyog Aadhar are exempted from submission of Tender Processing Fee & Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). Selected bidders shall submit Performance Bank Guarantee of Rs 12 Lakh/MW per Project, within 70 days of issuance of Letter of Award, or before the signing of PPA, until 33 months from the Effective Date of the PPA.

The document stated that the Wind Power Projects are required to be designed for inter-connection with the ISTS (Inter-State Transmission System) network at a voltage level of 220 kV or above. The minimum and maximum cumulative project capacity quoted/awarded shall be 50 MW and 2000 MW respectively. The Wind Power Developers (WPD) shall set up Wind Power Project(s) including the dedicated transmission network up to the Delivery Point, All approvals, permits, and clearances required for setting up of the Project (including connectivity), and/ or dedicated transmission network up to interconnection/ delivery point including those required from State Government and local bodies, shall be in the scope of the WPD.

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Eligibility criteria for a bidder are the company should not be a wilful defaulter to any lender and that there is no major litigation pending or threatened against the bidder or any of its affiliates which are of a nature that could cast doubt on the ability or the suitability of the bidder to undertake the project. It has been highlighted that the Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs) are not eligible for participation.

Technical Criteria of Projects is that the Bidder shall provide information about the wind turbines proposed to be installed in the project at the time of Financial Closure. The Net Worth of the Bidder should be equal to or greater than Rs. 1.20 Crores per MW of the quoted capacity, as on the last date of previous Financial Year (FY) 2018- 19. The Projects shall achieve Financial Closure within 7 (seven) months from the Effective Date of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The Bidder shall also be required to demonstrate at least one of the following parameters: A minimum annual turnover of Rs. 57 lakhs/MW of the quoted capacity during the previous Financial Year (FY) 2018-19; Internal resource generation capability, in the form of Profit Before Depreciation Interest and Taxes (PBDIT) for a minimum amount of Rs. 11.4 Lakhs/MW of the quoted capacity, as on the last date of previous Financial Year (FY); In-principle sanction letter from the lending institutions/banks of the Bidder, committing a Line of Credit for a minimum amount of Rs. 14.25 Lakhs/MW of the quoted capacity.

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The document also highlighted that WPD shall maintain energy supply for this project to achieve an annual CUF of 80% and not more than 120% during the PPA duration of 25 years.

Recently Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) approved a tariff rate of Rs.2.91 /kWh for acquiring about 441 MW of wind power through SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India) for 25 years. The tariff includes a trading margin of Rs.0.07 /kWh.


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