Wind energy plant designation: Increasing efficiency with the harmonised system RDS-PP®


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VGB PowerTech, the technical association of power plant operators, has developed a standard for the designation of wind power plant under the title RDS-PP® – Reference Designation System for Power
Plants: Wind Power Plants*. RDS-PP provides a clear designation of components and systems for wind power plants, quasi from the tip of the blade to the grid connection and beyond. Such a unique designation supports operators, manufacturers and service providers in an efficient way in planning, construction, operation and maintenance of wind power plants. It is also the basis for digitisation in wind energy.

Leading operators of wind power plants represented in the VGB now appeal with their document “Use of RDS-PP® as a harmonized designation system for wind power plants. Position paper from the owner’s point of view” to the industry to use RDS-PP as a cross-vendor independent system.

The advantages are obvious: RDS-PP has been internationally recognised and tested since its introduction in 2006. The proven, cross-vendor designation provides reliability in construction, operation and maintenance. An independent standard for all wind turbines reduces costs, for example in maintenance through simplified spare parts management. The unique designation of wind turbines with the RDS-PP codes is also the basis for digitisation applications. Only with unambiguous designation codes a plant can be digitally mapped and then take advantage of the benefits of digitization for operations and technology when operating data is gathered and processed for increased efficiency and optimized life cycle management.

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As a result, the RDS-PP can be used to generate electricity from wind energy at lower cost in all types of turbines.

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