The Nordex Group: The N149 is The Most Approved Turbine in Germany in The First Half of 2020

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The Nordex Group scores points in Germany with its current N149 turbine from the Delta4000 series: The turbine type, which has already been sold 1,100 times totaling more than 5,100 MW worldwide, topped the most approved wind turbines in Germany in the first half of 2020. At the same time, the successful N117 model, which has been tried and tested for many years, also achieved a new milestone: With a re powering order from its customer BayWa r.e. for eight N117/3600 turbines in mid-2020 the Nordex Group has sold more than 800 turbines of this type in Germany alone since the first order in 2011.

In December 2011 the Nordex Group installed the first N117 turbine in the world in the community wind farm “Stadum” in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Today there are 795 turbines of this type in operation in Germany, with a further twelve in the process of installation. At 807 turbines, this makes the N117 the best-selling Nordex turbine in Germany to date. Since the 117 rotor blade class was launched the Nordex Group has sold more than 2,130 turbines with more than 1,600 MW worldwide.

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In the case of the “Immenberg” re powering project in Lower Saxony, Germany, BayWa r.e. is replacing eight S70/1500 turbines with a hub height of 65 metres in the “Uetze-Süd” wind farm near Hanover, which the Nordex Group installed in 2002. The eight new N117/3600 turbines with a hub height of
141 metres will increase the installed capacity by a factor of 2.4. Installation is due to begin at the beginning of 2021 with commissioning scheduled for the second quarter May 2021. Thanks to the high hub height and the 67 percent larger rotor diameter, at an average wind speed of 7.3 m/s an
annual output of 70 GWh of clean wind electricity will be generated.

Today the success of the N117 turbines is being carried on by the Delta4000 turbines with a rotor diameter of 149 metres. Based on the data of the German Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) and the publication of the FA Wind (2020) in its analysis of the development situation of onshore wind energy in the first half of 2020, 292 wind turbines with 30 different types were
approved in Germany in the first six months of 2020. The most frequently approved turbine type with 46 units was the N149. For the second re powering project for a further S70/1500 turbines in “Uetze-Nord” in the ongoing building permission process BayWa r.e. is planning to use N149 turbines as
well. Worldwide the Nordex Group has more than 1,100 units of the N149 sold totalling more than 5,100 MW as of today.

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Siegbert Pump, Nordex Group Head of Sales for Germany: “More and more turbines in Germany are reaching an age at which re powering makes economic sense. Thanks to today’s turbine technology the yield from a wind farm can in some cases be tripled while the number of turbines can often be significantly reduced as well. In spite of their greater efficiency, nowadays our turbines – both the 117 and the 149 rotor blade class and our N163/5.X turbine – are quiet and less conspicuous thanks to their lower rotational speed. BayWa r.e is now taking advantage of these benefits in the Immenberg
wind farm.”

According to the German Federal Government’s climate protection program, renewable energies are expected to cover a total of 65 percent of the national gross electricity consumption in 2030. Re powering, the replacement of old turbines with modern turbines, is an essential prerequisite for achieving this goal. In the next few years alone, 16 GW will be phased out of the feed-in remuneration (EEG) in Germany.

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