Shanghai Electric Details Updates To The Offshore Wind Energy Ecosystem At The 5th Global Offshore Wind Energy Summit

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Shanghai Electric Group, a leading global producer of power generation equipment and related infrastructure, presented the 5th Global Offshore Wind Energy Summit in Jinan , Shandong Province , China on August 27. As the largest summit with the highest level of specification in the wind energy field in the world, its objective is to promote deep cooperation within the sector globally. 

The summit was presented in partnership with the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Professional Committee (CREIA), the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Professional Committee (CREIA), China Renewable Energy Association Wind Energy Professional Committee – CWEA), the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Revista Energia Eólica.

Li Junfeng, chairman of the Renewable Energy Committee of the China Energy Research Association, said: “In the post-Covid-19 era, several countries, including China, have developed a schedule for reducing emissions. The presence of renewable energy has increased in national energy security, transition and energy autonomy “.

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The forum provided an in-depth analysis of opportunities in the offshore wind energy market in developed and emerging markets. This occurs simultaneously with the launch by China of an offshore wind energy guide for the use of maritime planning during a time when the country’s offshore wind energy sector is experiencing a phase of rapid growth.

“Looking at China, we note that offshore wind energy will show a very strong growth momentum in the future. Globally, we believe the market will be in the range of 30 GW to 230 GW, with emerging markets considered the most important in the process,” he said. Alastair Dutton , chairman of the Global Wind Energy Council’s Offshore Wind Energy Working Group, which introduced the global offshore wind market and emerging markets.

With a focus on offshore wind energy market, technology and policy issues, the Shanghai Electric presentation discussed how to effectively reduce the life cycle cost of offshore wind farms by building a reasonable system for improving equipment reliability and components.

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“Our vision is to build the road for the development of offshore wind energy with Chinese characteristics,” said Jin Xiaolong, vice president of Shanghai Electric Group, and party secretary and president of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd.

Jin added: “Shanghai Electric considers the design, construction and development phase of the offshore wind farm from the perspective of lifecycle cost management and seamless integration into China’s wind energy ecosystem. As the service provider in the life cycle of wind energy systems, Shanghai Electric has developed strategic partnerships with international companies in almost all segments of the value chain including generators, gearboxes, bearings, platforms and digital tools for R&D and design, promoting development high quality offshore wind energy “. 

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