Preparation Of The Measuring And Validation Programme For Type Certification


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On 8 September the Nordex Group installed the first N149/5.X turbine in the Genshagener Heide wind farm near Potsdam, Germany. In spring 2019 the Nordex Group had opened the market segment for 5 MW turbines with this turbine type. This month the first N149/5.X will start operation on schedule. Following the installation of the turbine, preparation commences for
the measuring and validation programme for the type certification of the N149/5.X. 

With mean wind speeds 6.4 m/s at the hub height of 105 metres the site offers good conditions for measuring the 5.7 MW turbine. In addition to the power curve, the Nordex Group will be validating the sound power level and grid compatibility of the turbine on the basis of the measurements recorded in the field. This means that for the start of the series production in 2021 the
turbine will be fully certified, including the type certificate.

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The N149/5.X is a logical progression based on the successful approach of a flexible rating of the N149/4.0-4.5. The turbine is designed for maximum flexibility and can be operated in different modes in the 5 MW range, depending on site requirements and customer needs. A new and highly efficient gearbox is used and the electrical system of the Delta4000 series scaled up in
order to achieve the high power output in the 5 MW range.

To date the Nordex Group has already received orders for 800 MW for the N149/5.X since its launch last year.

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