BCPG To Expand Investment In Power Plants Across The Globe


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The shareholders’ confidence in BCPG raised their hands overwhelmingly to approve the 1,301.70 million shares plan to receive approximately 10,235 million baht, which will be used to expand investment in power plants both in the country and abroad. Paving the way to become the leader in renewable energy power plants in the ASEAN region. Including repayment of some financial institution debt Executives, “Bundit Saphienchai” revealed that they now have more than 7,000 million baht in their wallet from the RO and PP offering to Pilgrim Partners Asia and Capital Asia Investments, confident to build confidence among existing shareholders. And make this capital increase a success Set goals for the future and create good returns for shareholders. From the potential for increased competition, ready to expand the business in full For further stable and sustainable growth

Mr. Bundit Saphianchai, President of BCPG Public Company Limited, revealed that at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on October 7, 2020, with Mr. Pichai Chunhavachira, the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Presided over a meeting Approved to increase the registered capital from 10,000 million baht to 16,508.50 million baht by issuing new ordinary shares of 1,301.70 million shares with a par value of 5 baht per share, 250 million shares are allocated to existing shareholders according to their shareholding proportion. Shares (RO) at the rate of 8 existing shares per 1 newly issued share, offering price of 11.50 baht, posting a mark not entitled to increase capital (XR) on Oct. 14.

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At the same time, 674.5 million additional shares were allocated to private placement (PP) at a price of Baht 11.50 per share to Pilgrim Partners Asia (Pte.) Ltd. 195.75 million shares, representing 5.93% of the paid-up capital. And Capital Asia Investments Pte. Ltd. of 195.75 million shares or 5.93% and allocated 283 million newly issued shares to PP through a process for institutional investors to express their intention to buy the capital increase shares at the desired price level. (book Building)

In addition, 377.2 million newly issued shares are allocated to support the exercise of four warrants (BCPG-W1, BCPG-W2, BCPG-W3 and BCPG-ESOP). BCPG-W1 will be distributed to existing shareholders who exercise right to increase capital at the rate of 2.80 capital increase shares per warrant, conversion price 8 baht, term of 2 years, exercise ratio 1: 1, while BCPG-W2 will be distributed to shareholders. Hold the existing shares that exercise the right to increase capital as well at the rate of 2.80 capital increase shares per warrant, conversion price 8 baht, age 3 years, exercise ratio 1: 1, BCPG-W3 will be distributed to the capital increase shareholders. PP at the rate of 2.1924 capital increase shares per 1 warrant, conversion price 8 baht, term of 1 year, exercise ratio 1: 1. In addition, the Company will distribute BCPG-ESOP to directors and employees of the Company. With the first exercise price of 13.70 baht, age 5 years, the exercise price is 1: 1

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Estimated that the proceeds from this capital increase, approximately 10,235 million baht, will be used to support business expansion plans. Divided into investment in a wind power plant project with a capacity of 600 megawatts (MW) in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic approximately 3,570 million baht. Power purchase agreement capacity of 20 MW in Thailand in 2020-2022 repayment of loan for the acquisition of Nam San 3A and Nam San 3B hydropower projects, total capacity of 114 MW, including investment. For the installation of an additional transmission line of approximately 1,870 million baht by 2020, the remaining approximately 3,700 million baht will be used to invest in power plant projects both at home and abroad in the future by 2020-2021.

“This capital increase will strengthen and strengthen the Company’s financial position. Causing the ratio of debt to equity to decrease And it also enhances financial liquidity This will help the company Able to expand investment in additional power plants Including repayment of some debt to financial institutions as planned As a result, BCPG’s operations are likely to grow in the future.

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Bundit continued at the end that the company has received positive feedback from potential investors by selling PP shares to Pilgrim Partners Asia and Capital Asia Investments, which will build confidence among existing shareholders of success. From the capital increase this time It is expected to result in a capital increase in accordance with the target. Which creates opportunities for the company Able to invest in projects that generate good returns, increasing competitiveness and developing the business to be able to grow steadily and sustainably.

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