Fortia Energía, Statkraft Signs PPA For Providing Wind Power To Spanish Industry


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  1. The power to be supplied is 100% renewable and is generated by two third-party wind farms in Spain that have recently been connected to the grid
  2. Under this agreement, Fortia and Statkraft strengthen their strategic partnership and renew their commitment to the ecological transition and the sustainability of the Spanish industrial sector.

Fortia Energía, the power management platform for large industrial consumers and Statkraft have signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) comprised exclusively of wind energy to supply Spain’s large industry. Statkraft will provide Fortia, the power management platform for large industrial consumers — in sectors such as steel, cement, metallurgy, chemicals and paper — with energy produced at two third-party wind farms. The agreement runs through 2029. The energy, for immediate delivery, will be generated on two third-party wind farms in Castilla y León that have recently been connected to the grid. They have a total installed capacity of 93 MW and will contribute to the supply of various Fortia client industrial sites, located mainly in Andalusia and Catalonia.

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A PPA is a long-term electricity supply agreement between two parties, designed to reduce the market uncertainty to which generators and consumers can be exposed. This is the second largescale agreement between the two companies for the supply of renewable energy to Spanish industry. With this agreement, Statkraft and Fortia further strengthen their partnership and contribute not only to the integration of wind power production in the Iberian electricity market but also to the sustainability of Spanish industry and the achievement of climate objectives through a reduction of the carbon footprint.

This agreement reflects Fortia’s strategy to provide industry with competitive, diversified and balanced access to energy markets through new solutions and contractual models. This approach, as exemplified by the PPA with Statkraft, represents an opportunity for producers and consumers, especially in the context of the European Green Deal and the “Next Generation EU” plan. Fortia will use the energy generated to deliver its industrial clients completely green and competitively-priced electricity, thus aligning to the fundamental pillars of the European Recovery Plan: reindustrialization, digitalization and the ecological transition. The Recovery Plan was launched in response to the health crisis arising from the pandemic in order to promote economic transformation and strengthen the technological sector and supply chains.

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“This PPA with Fortia once again demonstrates that it is possible to provide industry with green energy from Spain and at large scale. We are proud to be able to support Fortia and Spanish industry in the fulfilment of their climate objectives and contributing to the expansion of renewable energy in the country,” Simon Kornek, Vice President South European Origination, affirms.

“By signing this agreement with a large European company like Statkraft, we are helping to drive more sustainable and resilient industrial model by providing our customers with a long-term, renewable and competitive supply of energy,” Fortia Chairwoman, Blanca Losada, said. “The current crisis has highlighted the importance of industry and its value in supporting and driving the economy. The energy transition offers, especially in Spain, exciting opportunities for recovery, which a platform like Fortia can bring to the industry in an innovative, solvent and tailored way,” Blanca Losada concludes.

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