Lanthan Safe Sky Will Supply Germany’s Largest Cohesive ADLS Project

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Lathan Safe Sky GmbH has, together with LEE NRW (A State Association for Renewable Energy), finalized a collaboration project to supply efficient transponder based ADLS systems for North Rhine-Westphalia.
The state has over two thousand wind turbines all requiring the technology to be darkened at night when no air traffic is flying close-by. An optimal positioning of two hundred transponder receivers was necessary. Provided all operators participate in this project, there would be a potential to save over one hundred additional receivers. The first fifty receivers have been ordered
bindingly by LEE and the project’s implementation phase has begun.

In recent months an optimal outfitting of the WTG occupied areas of North Rhine- Westphalia has been determined. Now the potential to implement an extremely cost effective ADLS systems is available to all operators. Lanthan Safe Sky will coordinate with these in order to determine the optimal connectivity to the ADLS signal. To this end hundreds of signal integration
and transmission units will be employed.

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“Together with LEE and the WTG operators we look forward to an intense and productive cooperation in the coming months” said Mitja Klatt, Managing Director of Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH.

Next to the numerous installations and almost complete coverage in Schleswig-Holstein, Lanthan Safe Sky has a project for complete coverage of Saarland with ADLS systems in the planning stages. “We see these large-scale cooperation projects as the best leverage in order to remain cost-effective in both hardware and implementation” said Steven Siemen, project implementation manager at Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH.

“We are confident that further states and statewide operator associations will follow suit and wish to be a part of our successful model” reports Lennard Klümper, sales and distribution manager at Lanthan Safe Sky.
“Afterall our technology offers especially customers in large-scale projects and cooperation otherwise unattainable cost-effective solutions” he said.

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