PESMA II Wind Farm In Portugal Connected To The Grid


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EKZ Renewable’s newest and largest wind farm to date – PESMA II in Portugal – has just begun operation. PESMA II
will generate approx. 70 GWh of energy per year in the future. This corresponds roughly to the consumption of 17,000 average Swiss households. The plant near Fátima – just under an hour’s drive from Lisbon – could therefore theoretically supply all private households in the town of Dietikon and even some small municipalities with electricity.

With a rotor diameter of 126 metres, the six PESMA II turbines are not only the most powerful, but also the largest in EKZ Renewable’s Portuguese portfolio. PESMA II is the latest wind farm in EKZ Renewable’s portfolio.

EKZ Renewables AG has been investing in the generation of electricity from renewable energies abroad for almost a decade.

Contribution to the stability of the electricity grid

Modern power plants using renewable energy in the most resource-rich locations in Europe also safely provide a cost-effective energy supply for the end customer today. “Irrespective of where they are connected to the European interconnected grid, they always contribute to meeting the increasing demand for electricity, to replacing old power plants and thus fundamentally to
ensuring the stability of our electricity grid,” emphasises Christian Hürlimann, Managing Director of EKZ Renewables AG. For this reason, investing in renewable energies abroad makes perfect sense.

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In Portugal, PESMA II is EKZ Renewable’s fifth wind farm in the country. “PESMA II reaches about 3,500 full load hours – its favourable location can certainly be achieved with an offshore site,” says Nebojsa Bogdanovic, Senior Manager Asset Development at EKZ Renewables AG and Project Manager, responsible for the construction of PESMA II.

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