Bosnia’s Serb Republic Sign Annex With Vjetroelektrana Grebak; Aims To Increase 66 MW Wind Farm Capacity


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Bosnia’s autonomous Serb Republic has recently signed an annex to a concession deal with Vjetroelektrana Grebak to increase the capacity of a wind farm to 66 MW and raise energy output, the energy ministry said on Monday.

The ministry stated that the wind farm in Nevesinje shall begin the next month.It is expected to cost about 132.2 million Bosnian marka and comprises of 15 turbines.

Technological progress in the production of turbines has enabled the increase of installed capacity at the wind farm, thus increasing the power output, ministry added.

Bosnia aims to diversify its energy supply and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Earlier in 2019 the government signed a 50-year concession deal with VE Grebak to build and operate a 49.5 MW wind farm with yearly output of 130 GWh of electricity .

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