Reliability And Innovativeness Pay Off: W.E.B Renews PowerSystem Contract

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To manage renewable energy systems, operational managers require a reliable IT solution that helps the systems’ processes to achieve maximum availability and yields. ENERTRAG’s PowerSystem software is an example of such a multi-faceted solution and W.E.B has renewed the contract to use it for a further three years.

“For years, ENERTRAG has been an important and reliable partner in helping to operate our wind turbines. Due to its consistent increase in functionality, the PowerSystem technical operations management software has come to play a pivotal role at our control centre”, explains Dr Frank Dumeier, chairman of the W.E.B Windenergie AG board. “Above all, our employees applaud the high level of automation and exceptional efficiency of the PowerSystem team who are quick to respond, highly expert and always cater to our requirements. As a result, we wanted to continue to use PowerSystem over the next few years and integrate our photovoltaic systems,” adds Dumeier.

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From 2021, PowerSystem will manage the technical operation of the 18.6 MW photovoltaic systems as well as the 592 MW of wind power already integrated.

“Thanks to PowerSystem, W.E.B will be able to monitor both wind and solar systems and create standard reports for its mixed portfolio. We’re delighted to work with W.E.B, who have an agile, pioneering spirit and a vast range of experience and expertise, which, in turn, helps us to attune our PowerSystem to market requirements,” emphasises Dr Felix Bübl, head of software
development at ENERTRAG.

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