NOTUS Energy Commissions The Most Modern Vestas Wind Turbines In Germany Near Prenzlau


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Potsdam-based NOTUS energy commissioned two Vestas V150 wind turbines in northern Brandenburg this week, each with 5.6 MW. Together, the two turbines generate significantly more electricity than the 10,000 private households in the nearby district town of Prenzlau consume.

Notus energy is the first operator in Germany to use the new turbine model from the world market leader for wind turbines. Vestas and Notus Energy have a long-standing partnership. The two V150-5.6 MW turbines form a consolidation
of the existing Beesenberg wind farm.

“We achieve similarly high electricity yields here as on the Baltic Sea coast,” explains Heiner Röger, managing director of NOTUS energy, an independent power producer based in Potsdam. The landscape north of Prenzlau has been characterized by large fields and intensive agriculture for more than half a century and offers excellent wind conditions.

The Vestas V150 series model generates up to 5.6 megawatts of power. The modern towers used at Prenzlau raise the hub of the rotor blades to 166 meters above the foundation. At this height, the wind at the site reaches an average speed of around 7.5 meters per second.

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Enough Electricity for All Private Households in Prenzlau The two wind turbines are expected to provide significantly more electricity than the good 10,000 private households in Prenzlau consume. According to the municipal utilities, their electricity demand is 21 million kWh per year.

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