Deutsche Windtechnik Is Retrofitting ADLS Technology At The Wanderup Wind Field


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Deutsche Windtechnik will be retrofitting 16 wind turbines with Aircraft Detection Light Systems (ADLS) at the Wanderup wind field. The wind field includes the Wanderup community wind farm with eight Senvion 3.XM turbines and the Wanderup West wind farm with five Senvion 3.XM and three Enercon E82 wind turbines. A single transponder receiver for all
wind turbines spanning multiple wind farms will be centrally installed and operated by Deutsche Windtechnik. While the Senvion turbines will be individually fitted with Deutsche Windtechnik’s ADLS BOX for ADLS control, the three Enercon systems will be integrated using the manufacturer’s ADLS interface.

Deutsche Windtechnik has been providing service for the Senvion turbines as part of full maintenance since 2019. The ADLS retrofit will further increase the cooperation between the two partners. For example, long-term tasks in connection with operating the ADLS system, such as verification and documentation obligations, but also all hardware including the hazard
lighting, will be integrated into the full maintenance contract.

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Sascha Oliver Jacobsen, Managing Director of Bürgerwindpark Wanderup GmbH & Co. KG, said: “We appreciate the friendly, competent communication with Deutsche Windtechnik as well as the smooth maintenance and troubleshooting
processes for our eight wind turbines at wind farm Wanderup. We decided to go with Deutsche Windtechnik’s transponder-based ADLS solution because it means that the signal delivery, the upgrade of the wind turbines with ADLS as well
as maintenance and troubleshooting of the ADLS system can all be integrated into our existing full maintenance contract for these wind turbines, and the retrofit is guaranteed to be carried out in a timely manner this year. Ferdinand Feddersen, one of the CEOs of the wind farm Wanderup West, added: “From our perspective it makes no sense to install two different ADLS
systems in a wind field with different turbine manufacturers. That is why we chose this ADLS solution.”

Jasper Salzwedel, Senior Sales Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik Service GmbH & Co. KG, added: “We are particularly pleased that, in addition to the existing full maintenance customers who operate Senvion wind turbines, the operators of the Enercon systems have also placed their trust in Deutsche Windtechnik’s ADLS system, and all parties have found a technically and
economically optimal solution together. The ADLS contract for the Wanderup wind field is an example of how our ADLS system works regardless of the existing infrastructure, wind farm boundaries and turbine technology.”

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