SECI Issues RfS for 1200 MW ISTS-connected Wind Power Projects under Tranche-XI


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Request for Selection (RfS) Document for Selection of Wind Power Developers for Setting up of 1200 MW ISTS-connected Wind Power Projects in India under Tariff-Based Competitive Bidding (Tranche-XI).

Connectivity and Long-Term Open Access shall be in the scope of the Wind Power Developer

Bid Processing Fees will be Rs. 5 Lakh +18% GST for each project from 50 MW up to 99.9 MW and Rs. 15 Lakh + 18% GST for each Project from 100 MW and above.

Power procured from the projects has been provisioned to be sold to the Discoms of Madhya Pradesh. The Buying Entities shall procure power under the RfS through Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Limited (MPPMCL), which is the authorized representative for signing the Power Sale Agreement, on behalf of the M.P. Discoms. SECI shall at its discretion be entitled to substitute the above Discoms with any entity in other states only for selling the power procured from the selected Bidders. SECI shall be an intermediary nodal agency for procurement of power supplied by the WPDs and sale of such power to the Buying Entity(ies) entirely on back-to-back basis based on due performance by the WPDs as well as the Buying Entity(ies).

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The Bidders will declare the annual CUF of the Projects at the time of submission of response to RfS, and the WPDs will be allowed to revise the same once within first three years after COD. Thereafter, the CUF for the Project shall remain unchanged for the entire term of the PPA. The declared annual CUF shall in no case be less than 22%. The WPD shall maintain generation so as to achieve annual CUF not less than 80% of the declared value and not more than 120% of the declared CUF value, during
the PPA duration of 25 years.

The last date for bid submission is July 6, 2021, with bids to be opened on July 9. A pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for June 3.

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