DNV to take part in the 2022 WindEurope Conference and Exhibition


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DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, will be present at WindEurope, the leading international event that brings the entire wind power industry together to discuss the opportunities it offers to decarbonize energy systems, as well as the challenges that faces its development.  

As wind power grows in the Mediterranean, DNV is at the forefront of its development and will showcase its work on ground-breaking operations – which include new advanced monitoring solutions for wind, solar and grids combined, offered by GPM&S and new industry partnerships to enhance technology development for floating offshore wind structures in the Mediterranean Sea.  

Following the success of the previous conference in Copenhagen, more than 8,000 delegates and 300 speakers will gather on April 5-7 in Bilbao, Spain, to share ongoing developments on wind power.  

This year, the main focuses of the conference will be: sustaining a strong European supply chain, floating wind, high energy prices, circularity and sustainability, and digitalization. These themes will allow industry leaders and experts to formulate proposals for better-integrated progress of wind power amidst an energy supply chain crisis, at a time when EU countries are failing to meet the share of renewables needed in their energy mixes to reach Green Deal targets, and the European Commission calls for accelerating the shift to locally produced renewable energy to curtail dependence.  

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Several of DNV’s senior management will present and chair sessions (full program here). 

Attending the conference will be, among others, Ditlev Engel, CEO, Energy Systems; Santiago Blanco, Executive Vice-president and Regional Director for Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa; Juan Carlos Arévalo, Executive Vice President, GPM&S;  Kim Sandgaard-Mørk, Executive Vice President, Renewables Certification; Lucy Craig, Growth, Innovation & Digitalization Director for Energy Systems.     

DNV’s breadth and depth of wind and solar domain knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry. As part of its commitment to safeguard life, property, and the environment, DNV’s global team of over 4,000 experts continuously develops services and solutions tailored to the demands of current and future energy systems and sees the rise of wind power as pivotal to the energy transition.
In its latest reports, the 2021 Energy Transition Outlook (ETO), 2022 Industry Insights: The power of optimism and 2022 Floating Offshore Wind: The next five years, DNV highlights major trends in the wind industry : 

The rise of floating offshore wind 
The 2021 ETO predicts that floating wind will have grown to over 260 GW by 2050. To realize this target,  DNV has taken an important position on qualifying new concepts across the globe.   
Floating offshore wind technology will reach commercial-scale deployment in the near future, explains Kim Sandgaard-Mørk, Executive Vice President for Renewables Certification, DNV; it will be an exciting new market, producing 15% of all offshore wind power in 2050. It is a new industry and our extensive offshore expertise helps to demonstrate the performance, reliability and commercial viability of technological advances that push the boundaries of current knowledge. By mitigating risks via certification, our involvement is particularly valuable for floating offshore wind projects in securing finances and demonstrating the operational application.”   

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New wind in Southern Europe
The Mediterranean region is now embracing wind power, and quickening up the pace to reach net-zero targets: “Spain is leading Europe’s onshore wind, with 27 GW of installed capacity and is currently encouraging offshore wind as well, with an Offshore Wind Roadmap targeting up to 3 GW of floating wind by 2030. Our goal is to support the energy industry in the Mediterranean region in their commitment to the Paris Agreement, and being present at WindEurope underscores our dedication to deliver support in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply,” said Santiago Blanco, Executive Vice-president and Regional Director, Southern Europe, Middle East and Latin America, DNV.  

Digitalization as a driving force
Developing cutting-edge data-driven monitoring solutions is key to respond to the demands of a future in which digitalization will be a key enabler for the effective performance of renewable assets. Recently, energy and software experts at DNV and GPM & S have developed GPM Horizon wind capabilities, bringing the next generation of analytics algorithms to the market”, said Juan Carlos Arévalo, Executive Vice President, GPM&S

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