CERC Adopts Tariff Rate For SECI’s 1200 MW Wind Project


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Solar Energy Corporation Of India (SECI), the nodal agency responsible for implementation of several Solar & Wind project across India, entrusted for bidding of 1200MW wind power projects (Tranche-X) to be connected with Inter State Transmission System (ISTS). After e-reverse auction on 15.03.2021, final tariff for the whole 1200MW capacity was arrived as below.

Sl No.BidderTariff (INR/Kwh)Allocated Capacity (MW)
1Adani Renewable Energy Holding Fifteen Ltd2.77300
2Ayana Renewable Power Six Pvt Ltd2.78300
3Evergreen Power Mauritus Pvt Ltd2.78150
4JSW Future Energy Ltd2.78150
5JSW Future Energy Ltd2.78300

All awarded tariff will carry an additional trading margin of INR 0.07/Kwh upon commissioning of the above capacity.

Accordingly power purchase agreement (PPA) was signed between all selected bidder and SECI. Also power sale agreement (PSA) between SECI and distribution licensee i.e. RUVNL was signed at the tariff discovered through the bidding process issued SECI.

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According to PPA, the Commission is to recognize the provision that the change in rates of Safeguard Duty, GST and Basic Custom Duty
after 19.2.2021 would be treated as a Change in Law. On principle, these can be recognized as Change in Law. The impact, however, has to be seen on a case to case basis.

After analyzing all declaration by petitioner, commission adopts the individual tariff for the wind power project, as agreed to by the successful bidders and for which PPAs has been signed by SECI on the basis of the PSA with the distribution licensees i.e. RUVNL, which shall remain valid throughout the period covered in the PPA and PSAs.

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