Kaufer Blade Access Platforms (KBP) Are The Best For Accessing Rotor Blades Globally – Vizhioli. D., Director Operations, Vily Wind Turbine Access India Pvt. Ltd.


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In an interesting conversation with WindInsider magazine, Mr. Vizhioli. D., Director, Vily Wind Turbine Access India Private Ltd. Operations briefed us about his company’s background, their product and services and its USPs. He also spoke about the advanced technologies incorporated in their products along with their future growth plan.

1. Kindly help our readers with your company introduction and background. 

Being an Engineer and Having 15years of career experience in Rotor Blade Inspection and repairing, we understand the defects and problems deeply in the field of rotor blade services. We also understand the cost, time, and risk involved in Rotor Blade Repairing at the site. To simplify the Rotor Blade repairing process, reduce the repairing cost, reduce the turbine downtime due to blade defects, and reduce the risk involved in the blade repairing process at the site, We Started Vily Wind turbine Access India Pvt Ltd in 2018 Feb.

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To find a solution for the above-said hurdles, we Joined our minds with the world’s leading Rotor Blade Access Platform makers Kaufer GmbH. We are the service provider of Kaufer in India.

2. Please tell us about the products and services offered by your esteemed company.

We have Kaufer’s KBP 2L Blade Access Platforms, which can be used to access blades having 64mtrs length. Kaufer’s blade platforms are the best for accessing rotor blades globally. It is due to safety, accessibility, User friendly and Customer friendly.

3. What are the USPs of your offerings?

We have periodic training for our staff and certifications for our platforms from Kaufer GmbH., We plan and execute our operations in parallel with our customer requirements and their execution plan. Having handled many projects in the service field, we know the importance of their execution plan. We respect customers’ requirements and provide services to meet their satisfaction levels.

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4. What are some advanced technologies incorporated into your offerings?

We use the latest Kaufer Blade platforms. Using Blade platform shelters and lights, we can repair blades under cloudy lights also.

5. What are some advanced technologies incorporated into your offerings?

We use the latest Kaufer Blade platforms. Using Kaufer Blade platform shelters and lights, we can repair blades at cloudy lights also.

Using Kaufer blade platforms available with us, Blade damage due to lightning can be repaired within a few days., which reduces the downtime of the turbine and reduces the repairing cost. Blades affected due to erosion repairing can be repaired in four days, This reduces the turbine downtime in repairing blades. After Erosion Repairing, increases power output by 4-5%.

Being Expertise in Rotor blades, Our aim is to provide effective engineering solutions in reducing blade repairing costs. To address the Blade defect due to lightning or other blade defects, We are also working to reach the site with our Kaufer Blade platforms within a day to reduce the downtime of the turbine.

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6. What is your growth plan for the next couple of years?

We are in plan to provide maximum services to our clients. By increasing the lifetime of the blade, the customer becomes profitable.  We also extend our service in blade repairing and Inspection as per OEM’s requirements.

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