Turbine Component Manufacturer Polytech Plans to Set Up Production Facility in Bangalore


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Wind Energy Component Maker Polytech is establishing a facility in Bangalore, India. Production will start in early Q4 2022 in the 2,000 m2 facility, where Polytech will manufacture components for the wind turbine industry.

Polytech currently has production facilities in Denmark, Germany, China, and Mexico. Opening this facility in India makes Polytech a true global partner and allows Polytech to further de-risk its manufacturing footprint, and as such, de-risk the supply chain of the major wind turbine- and blade manufacturers. Mads Kirkegaard sees this as an absolute priority considering recent and ongoing global events.

India is the third fastest growing wind market in the world with approximately 60 GW new capacity to be installed by 2030 (projected by Wood Mackenzie, 2021). This projection fits in well with the Indian Government’s recent announcement on opening the bidding for India’s first offshore wind projects. In addition to this, market forecasts show that India-based factories will play a much bigger role in exporting wind turbine components in the future. With such a growth potential in India and the AsiaPacific region, opening a production facility in India comes as a natural step for Polytech.

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“We strive to grow our business through creating value to our customers in a sustainable way. Being close to our customers not only gives them faster lead time, but also decreases their risks, costs, and overall carbon footprint”, says Polytech’s CEO Mads Kirkegaard.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the global supply chain bottleneck have put a lot of strain on businesses globally, including the wind sector. Getting raw materials, shipping items globally, and delivering projects have all become challenging. And the war in Ukraine has made things even more unstable. We want to continue to be a stable global partner to our customers, and the Indian facility will play a crucial role in that.”

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