Vena Energy Forms Consortium to Develop Offshore Wind Project

NLC India Inks MoU with NIWE for Collaboration in Developing Onshore and Offshore Wind Power Projects in India

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Vena Energy Holdings Ltd, Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc, as well as Toho Gas Co., Ltd, announced the formation of a consortium to develop an offshore wind project at Aomori South. This area was identified by the Japanese government as promising for the development of offshore renewable energy power generation facilities under the Act on Promoting the Utilization of Sea Areas. The project is currently undergoing all steps of the development process, including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), technical and sustainability-related activities, as well as stakeholders and community engagement, with the intention to participate in the auction following the potential designation of Aomori South as offshore wind promotion area.

This consortium brings together deep expertise and knowledge of both the Japanese power market and the renewable energy sector. Vena Energy is the consortium’s leader in renewable energy development, ownership, and operation. The company has over 200 solar and wind projects under construction and operation across Asia Pacific. This includes 27 solar assets and operating solar assets in Japan, as well as numerous offshore wind projects across the region. Vena Energy is a portfolio business of Global Infrastructure Partners (“GIP”) a global independent infrastructure fund manager that manages a large portfolio of renewable energy assets. It has over 100 gigawatts of operating, construction, and developing power and an extensive offshore wind portfolio. Yonden, a major electricity generation and retail business in the Ehime and Kagawa prefectures of Koichi and Tokushima, has also invested in the Taiwanese offshore winds sector. Toho Gas, a well-known gas and power supply company with around 2.87 million Japanese customers, recently announced an investment in Taiwan’s offshore wind sector.

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Juan Mas Valor from Vena Energy Japan, Head, stated that offshore wind is a major driver in Japan’s transition to a sustainable energy sector. He added, “Offshore Wind will be a key driver in Japan’s transition to sustainable energy and we are thrilled to partner with Yonden, Toho Gas and both companies have an unmatched focus on serving local communities in Japan and a strong determination for the sustainable energy transition.” We look forward to contributing to Japan’s energy independence, carbon neutrality, and empowerment of our local communities, as well as benefiting all stakeholders.

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