Central Regulatory Commission Adopts Tranmission Charges To Adani Transmission For Karur Transmission Project

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In a recent order central electricity regulatory commission (CERC) approves lowest transmission charges discovered in e-reverse auction for transmission system under “Transmission Scheme for evacuation of power from RE sources in Karur/tiruppur Wind Energy Zone (Tamil Nadu) (1000 MW) under Phase I”.

Accordingly, the petitioner Karur Transmission Ltd, submitted petition to central commission for adoption of the following prayers.

1.Adopt Transmission Charges for the Project discovered through competitive bidding process.

2.Allow the “Evacuation of Power from RE Sources in Karur/Tiruppur Wind Energy Zone (Tamil Nadu) (1000 MW) Under Phase – I” to be part of PoC Pool as per CERC (Sharing of Inter-state Transmission Charges and Losses Regulations) Regulation, 2020.

The tender and subsequent e reverse auction was conducted as per the Government of India’s notification “Tariff based Competitive bidding Guidelines for Transmission Service‟ which is applicable for procurement of transmission services for transmission of electricity through tariff based competitive bidding and for selection of Transmission Service Provider (TSP) for new transmission lines and to Build, Own, Maintain and Operate the specified transmission system elements. Accordingly, Ministry of Power, Government of India, notified PFC Consulting Limited (hereinafter referred to as “PFCCL”) as the Bid Process Coordinator (BPC) for the purpose of selection of bidder as Transmission Service Provider (TSP) to establish Transmission System. On 20.11.2019, Karur Transmission Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 as a wholly owned subsidiary of PFCCL with the objective to establish the Transmission System for “Transmission Scheme for evacuation of power from RE sources in Karur/tiruppur Wind Energy Zone (Tamil Nadu) (1000 MW) under Phase-I”.

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The scope of the Project as per the Transmission Service Agreement is as under:

Name of the Transmission Element:

1.Establishment of 2×500 MVA, 400/230 kV Karur Pooling Station (at a location in between Karur Wind zone and Tiruppur wind zone) :
4 Nos. of 230kV line bays for interconnection of wind projects
2x500MVA, 400/230kV ICTs , 400kV ICT bay – 2 nos, 230kV ICT bay – 2 nos., 400kV line bay – 4 nos., 400kV reactor bay – 2 nos., 230kV line bays – 4 nos., 230kV Bus coupler bay- 1 no., 230kV Transfer Bus Coupler (TBC) bay – 1 no.
2.Space provision for Phase-II:
i. 400/230kV ICTs along with bays: 3 nos. , ii. 230kV line bays: 5 nos. ,iii. 230 kV Bus Sectionaliser bays: 2 nos.
3.Future provisions (Additional Space for):
i. 400/230kV ICTs along with bays: 3 nos., ii. 400kV line bays: 6 nos., iii. 230kV line bays: 7 nos.

4.LILO of both circuits of Pugalur – Pugalur (HVDC) 400kV D/c line (with Quad Moose ACSR Conductor) at Karur Pooling Station.

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5.2×125 MVAr, 400 kV Bus reactors at Karur Pooling Station.

After initial bidding with three shortlisted entity named Power Grid Corporation of India Limited , Sterlite Grid 6 Limited, Adani Transmission Limited, e-reverse auction was carried out on 09.12.2021.

The result of e-reverse auction with L-1 bidder given below.

Sl No.Name of BidderLevelised Transmission
Charges from the Final
Offer (Rs.in Million)
1Adani Transmission Limited183.54L-1
2Sterlite Grid 6 Limited184.01L-2
3Power Grid Corporation of India

Based on e-reverse auction result, BEC recommended Adani Transmission Ltd as lowest bidder with Rs 183.54 million levelized transmission charges quoted. The identified Long Term Transmission Customer (LTTC) of the Project in the TSA is JSW Renew Energy Limited.

In view of the above context, commission has adopted transmission charges discovered in e-reverse auction in favour of lowest bidder i.e. Adani Transmission Limited with quoted value of Rs. 183.54 Million per annum.

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