NTPC Renewable Tenders for 100 MW Wind Energy Project in Madhya Pradesh


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NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPC REL) invites online bids from eligible bidders on Single Stage Two Envelope (i.e. Envelope-I: Techno-Commercial Bid and Envelope-II: Price Bid) for 100 MW STU-Connected Wind Energy Project(s) Anywhere in Madhya Pradesh.

Last Date for receipt of bids comprising both Techno-Commercial Bid and Price Bid is 27.06.2022.

Cost of Bidding Documents in INR 22,500

Scope of Work Includes:

  1. Detailed design, engineering, micro-siting, manufacture, supply, erection, testing, commissioning for Wind Energy Project(s) of cumulative Capacity of 100 MW.
  2. Establishing the guaranteed performance parameters for installation of the offered Wind Energy Project(s) including Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), Control Panels, Reactive Power Compensating Devices, Central Monitoring and Control System (CMCS), Wind Monitoring Mast(s) etc.
  3. Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance of the offered Wind Energy Project(s) as detailed in technical specifications including supply of all spare parts, consumables, repairs/ replacement of any defective equipment, payment of reactive power penalty and other charges levied by the respective State Govt. etc.
  4. Bidder’s Scope includes One year full service comprehensive O&M starting from the commissioning of the project.
  5. Bidder’s Scope also includes the supervision of machine O&M for Two years after completion of One year comprehensive O&M to run the machine efficiently and for the training and capacity building of NTPC REL Team.
  6. Acquisition of the required land for the offered Wind Energy Project(s) as per prevailing Govt. rules and transfer of title/ lease deed to NTPC REL including infrastructure development.
  7. All associated electrical works required for grid interfacing (i.e. Unit Transformer sub-station for each WTG, internal HT overhead lines, common group control and metering station, EHV sub-station(s) with necessary switch gear equipments and materials), grid extension (i.e. external overhead line up to grid sub-station, bay extension or creation of additional facilities at STU grid sub-stations).
  8. All associated civil engineering works like WTG tower foundations, control cabins for housing control panels near tower base (if required), internal roads, office cum control room building, storage sheds, permanent water supply arrangements, approach road etc.
  9. All agreements, statutory approvals and clearances such as power evacuation/ grid connectivity, environment, Central/ State Nodal Renewable Energy Agency, electrical, forest, etc. as required/ applicable.
  10. And Supply of Mandatory Spares.
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The security deposit has been set at Rs 10 crores, while the average annual turnover of the bidder should not be less than Rs 310 crores for any three financial years out of the preceding five financial years as of the bid opening date.

The reference Wind farm of 10 MW or above capacity should be at a single location developed by Bidder for itself or any other client.

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