Atlas Renewable Energy Acquires its First Wind Project in Brazil


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Atlas Renewable Energy, an international generator of renewable energy, has acquired a wind farm in Brazil from Voltalia, a French energy producer. Juramento will have a 378 MW generation capacity and will consist of 63 wind turbines.

After the announcement last month of a Power Purchase Agreement with Enel Energia Chile for the development and expansion of the Alpaca portfolio (417 MW), Juramento has become Atlas Renewable Energy’s second Wind Project. Juramento, unlike Alpaca has no PPA and is open for any off-takers looking to generate renewable power in Brazil.

Luis Pita (General Manager, Atlas Renewable Energy Brazil), stated that Juramento continues to diversify and expand our product offerings across all regions. This project is available to large energy consumers looking for a PPA for the transition from traditional energy sources to renewable.

Juramento will produce 1,650 GWh annually, which is equivalent in benefiting 799.524 Brazilian families and preventing 123.750 tons CO2 (est.). This could be compared to removing 49.500 cars from Sao Paulo’s streets. In the coming days, Brazil’s Administrative Council of Economic Defense will review the structure of the transaction and make final arrangements.

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