GE, Inogen and Sertavul To Build First Hybrid Wind-Solar Project in Turkey


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Sertavul selected GE and Inogen, its regional partner in the solution area, to construct one of the first Hybrid Wind + Solar projects for Turkey. This plant consists of a 32 MW windfar, which was commissioned in 2020 and will be combined with a 30MW solar plant.

Solar power will increase the capacity and availability of the wind farm, while also delivering dispatchable renewable energy to the grid. The sun shines during daylight hours and the wind blows strong at night.

Prakash Chandra (CEO, Renewable Hybrids), GE said that “this project is another stepping stone for the growth hybrid power plants in Turkey. This project will accelerate Turkey’s energy transition through optimizing scarce infrastructure, improving the capacity factor of existing plants, and enabling intelligent dispatching of power. It will also support our customer Sertavul in delivering more renewable energy.”

The Chairman of Sertavul’s Board, Mr. Kemal TAS, stated that “we are proud to have implemented a Hybrid project here in Turkey with the collaboration of Sertavul GE and Inogen. Global investments in renewable energy sources have increased over the past few years. We are aiming to make a difference in our country through this project. This will involve the use of renewable energy sources to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution. With the help of our partners, we plan to increase energy production.”

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Ali Murat SOYDAN CEO, Inogen said that “We are very happy to be a partner in one the most important projects in our country and the entire world under the leadership GE. We believe there is great potential for hybridization in our country. Our most important characteristic is our ability to implement projects quickly using local production. Under the GE structure, we currently commission more than 4 MW of solar power plants each day. These projects are a huge financial benefit to our partners.”

Inogen will be on-site and will deliver the sun-tracking system that will increase the power plant’s total energy production.

Seven FLEXINVERTER units will be delivered by GE to the solar plant. This is the first worldwide installation of GE’s 4.7 MW solar solution. GE has already sold 1.3 GW in Turkey of its FLEXINVERTER technology.

FLEXINVERTER by GE is a containerized integrated solution. It combines a medium voltage power transformer and a solar inverter. All of this is housed within a standard 20-foot ISO high cube container. This technology is a smart solution. It provides a reliable, cost-effective, and plug-and-play factory-integrated power converter platform for utility-scale solar storage applications. It reduces capital and operating costs and provides reliable plant performance.

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FLEXINVERTER is a core component of GE’s Renewable Hybrids FLEX portfolio, which also includes FLEXRESERVOIR and FLEXIQ technologies. FLEXRESERVOIR, a system-integrated battery energy storage and power electronic solution for multiple market applications and configurations is the FLEXRESERVOIR. FLEXIQ, a digital platform, provides design, operation, and fleet management solutions that enable grid compliance and maximize customer lifetime value.

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