Siemens Gamesa to Setup 882 MW Offshore Wind Power Project in Scotland

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Siemens Gamesa was awarded the firm order to deliver 60 units of its SG14-222 DD offshore turbine at the MorayWest offshore wind power project. Each wind turbine will have 14.7 MW of power and the PowerBoost feature. The order includes a service agreement for the 882-MW-project in Scotland’s Moray Firth. All 180 Siemens Gamesa B108 IntegralBlades will be manufactured at the offshore blade factory in Hull. This will ensure that the project has strong UK content. The installation of the first machines is planned for 2024. First power production is expected to take place in 2024.

Signing the Moray West firm order is a further affirmation of Siemens Gamesa’s leadership role in the offshore revolution. We were thrilled to be selected by Moray West as the preferred bidder in October 2021. Today, we are even more grateful for their trust in us. Marc Becker, CEO Siemens Gamesa Offshore Business Unit, states that we are able to simultaneously contribute to the combating of climate emergencies and the development of the largest offshore wind market in the world.

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Becker says, “Siemens Gamesa made the largest investments in UK offshore wind supply chain with our Hull facility being the centerpiece. The expanded plant has supplied all 180 108-meter-long blades to the Moray West order. It will soon double in size, as announced August 2021. We are grateful for the continued support of the UK government in this endeavor.”

The Moray West project is located 22km from the Moray Council coast, in the northeastern part of Scotland. With first power expected to be produced by 2024, the project’s rapid deployment plan aims at installing the SG 14-222 DD machines. Moray West will be the site of the first serial installation for Siemens Gamesa’s 14 MW machine. For the Siemens Gamesa 14MW machine, more than 14 GW have been placed as firm orders, preferred suppliers agreements and preferred bidder arrangements. This includes rotor variants of 236 and 222 meters.

Moray West Project Director Adam Morrison said that “Following earlier announcements that Siemens Gamesa was the preferred bidder”, he added, “We are delighted to have completed agreements for the supply and installation of the SG 14-222 DD turbines as well as their servicing. This model, which is based on a proven track record of Siemens Gamesa, will enable the next step in efficiency for offshore wind power. We are especially pleased that the first of the 108m blades from the expanded Hull plant will be used on Moray west as a result of our early commitments to Siemens Gamesa. As we work towards generation from this major renewables project, we look forward to working closely with Siemens Gamesa. We want to make sure that the installation program from the Nigg preassembly port goes smoothly.”

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Each SG14-222 DD offshore windturbine will have a capacity of up to 14.7 megawatts. It also features a rotor diameter measuring 222m and 108-meter-long Siemens Gamesa IntegralBlades. The first prototype of this massive machine was launched in 2020. It was then installed in Denmark in 2021.

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