Finland to Construct Two Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farms

offshore wind farm

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Finland has been working hard to become completely carbon neutral by 2035. Now, wind power accounts for 10 percent of Finland’s electricity. This is a significant increase from the 1 percent it was ten years ago. Wind should provide at least 27% of Finland’s electricity by 2025. By year’s end, the country will have 5 GW of electricity capacity. Most of this power is onshore.

Only one small-scale nearshore wind farm with a 42 MW capacity is located in Finnish waters. It was commissioned in 2017 by Tahkoluoto. Now, the Finnish Government wants to increase this wind farm by adding up to 45 turbines each with a total capacity of between 11-20 MW. This could increase the total capacity of Tahkoluoto to up to 900MW.

Metsahallitus is currently pre-developing the Korsnas area. It is located further north in Bay of Bothnia. Originally, the site was planned to house a 1.3 GW windfarm. The Government has larger plans for the zone, and it wants to be able have a maximum capacity of 3 GW.

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Offshore wind development will play an important role in increasing renewable energy in Finland and help to reach the carbon neutrality goal. It will also assist Finland in becoming more self-sufficient in its electricity generation.

Pierre Tardieu, WindEurope Chief Policy Officer, stated that Finland has done a fantastic job with onshore winds and has a steady pipeline of projects for the future. Finland’s ambitious offshore wind plans are a clear roadmap to move away from fossil fuels by 2035.

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