Taiya Renewable Energy Launches Huan-Yang Offshore Wind Project in Collaboration EDF Renewables in Taiwan

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The bidding process for Taiwan’s Phase-3 Zonal Development of Offshore Wind is soon underway. Now, the Huan-Yang Offshore Wind Farm Project was initiated by Taiya Renewable Energy, a local offshore wind power developer. It is now focusing its efforts on preparing to qualify to enter the Phase-3 Zonal Development tender. Recently, the project announced that it will collaborate with EDF Renewables in order to bring development experience, technology, and resources to Taiwan. Together, they will submit a competitive and quality offer up to international standards. This will help Taiwan achieve its carbon neutrality goals.

TAIYA, a Taiwan-based renewable energy development company, focuses on the development and site selection of offshore wind farms. TAIYA responds positively to local authorities’ policies by conducting an environmental impact assessment and communicating with the community. TAIYA, a local development team, strategically connects and develops the local supply chain. It also joins forces to support Taiwan’s energy transition by joining forces with EDF Renewables. EDF Renewables is an international partner with rich technological expertise and the resources necessary to help Taiwan achieve its sustainable development goals.

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“To ensure projects are delivered on schedule, TAIYA selects only the best partners for each aspect of its offshore wind farm development projects. We look forward to working together with strategic partners who have rich experience in order to develop Taiwan’s offshore power industry and achieve Taiwan’s 2050 goal of zero emissions.” TAIYA’s Chairman Irving Lin stated that the cooperation with EDF Renewables will allow TAIYA to leverage its local experience and combine EDF Renewables’ international experience to support the development and growth of the local industry chain. This will help Taiwan become the Asia-Pacific hub for offshore wind power, with its eyes on the global market.

EDF Renewables Accelerates Renewable Energie Deployment In Asia, Bringing Rich International Experience to Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Power Market

Taiwan is one the most promising and advanced markets for offshore wind development. EDF Renewables will bring its international maritime engineering expertise to Taiwan. By joining TAIYA in the Huan-Yang Offshore Wind Farm Project, it will be an industrial player that is committed to Taiwan’s long-term goal of adding 15 GW offshore wind power capacity by 2035.

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“TAIYA is a great resource for local stakeholders and the local industry. The partnership, together with the more than 10 years of experience in offshore wind project development, construction, operation, and maintenance around the globe, will create a strong and extensive industry network,” said Taiwan Ming-Lung Chang, General Manager of EDF Renewables

Huan-Yang Project will Participate in Strengthening Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Capabilities, and International Competitiveness

Huan-Yang Offshore Wind Farm is the first co-developed wind farm project by French and Taiwanese developers. It will be competing for the Phase-3 Zonal Development tender, which will take place in 2022. The project team will continue to pay close attention to ecological protection and community development, which will facilitate the development of the local offshore renewable energy industry. The project will also discuss collaboration with other departments and institutions to incubate local wind power talent. This project will help Taiwan improve its offshore wind capabilities as well as international competitiveness by involving them in all stages of the development, construction, and O&M phases.

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The Huan-Yang Offshore Wind Farm can be found off Changhua. The wind farm covers an area of 53 km2. Its sea depth is between 15 to 45 meters. It is located 8 kilometers from the nearest shore. The wind farm will be built on fixed-bottom foundations. It is expected to produce 1.6 billion kWh/year. This is equivalent to 460,000 households’ annual consumption.

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