Green Power Investment Join Hands with GE Renewable Energy to Build an Onshore Wind Farm in Japan

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GE Renewable Energy recently announced that it was selected by Green Power Investment (GPI), as the supplier of the Fukaura Wind Farm, Fukaura Town in Nishi Tsugaru District. Aomori Prefecture Japan. This project will include 19 units of GE’s 4.2-117 offshore wind turbine. It is GE’s third collaboration with GPI Japan. The agreement also includes a ten year full-service contract, with the option of an extension. Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. will support the project as a strategic partnership in GPI’s projects within the Tohoku region.

Fukaura Wind Farm will manage the onshore wind farms at 4.2MW. They have a rotor diameter (117m) and a hub height (110m). Installation of the wind turbines on the project site will begin in Q2 2023. The turbines are expected to be fully operational and commissioned by 2024. GE 4.2-117 offshore wind turbines were designed to reduce environmental impact, withstand extreme weather conditions and adapt to Japan’s unique wind environment.

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Gilan Sabatier is GE’s Chief commercial officer for Onshore Wind International. He said, “we have had the opportunity to collaborate with GPI Japan so this project will be a tremendous next step in our growing relationship. We believe this project will help Japan meet its ambitious carbon neutrality commitments. It will also provide affordable, reliable, and clean energy to future for Japanese consumers.”

GPI President Mitsuru Sakaki stated that the construction of the project was possible because of the continued support and collaboration of many stakeholders and local governments, including a substantial effort by GE. We are grateful to GE for their support of our goal of a regional wind power project that will harness wind’s resources and create the region’s future. We look forward working with GE in a long-term partnership to increase efficiency and optimize Japan’s efforts to achieve its sustainable energy goals.

The International Energy Agency estimates that Japan’s onshore wind power capacity is 5.3 GW. However, there are many growth opportunities. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), which is implementing the net-zero by 2020 roadmap, estimates a 15-16 GW onshore wind growth potential by 2030.

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GE Renewable Energy is dedicated to enabling energy transformation by supporting its customers’ work. The business’s responsibility is to supply and maintain a global fleet renewable energy assets. It also helps reduce the cost of renewable electricity, ensure grid resilience, efficiency and reliability, as well as making renewable energy more dispatchable. GE Renewable Energy supports the energy transition with a strategy that reflects a commitment towards sustainable, circular design.

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