MSEDCL Tenders for 300 MW Wind Power Projects

MSEDCL Tenders for 300 MW Wind Power Projects

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The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL) has requested bids for the long-term procurement of 300 MW of wind power from intrastate wind power projects.

The bid submission deadline is January 6, 2023 upto 04:00 pm and the bid will be opened on the same day.

Earnest money deposit (EMD) amount of Rs 118,000 per MW for each project. According to the tender guidelines, minimum bid capacity is 0.5 MW.

This tender is open to all wind power plants currently selling or wheeling electricity under temporary or open access PPAs. The winning bidders will supply electricity from their projects according to the new PPA terms. This applies from the date it becomes effective or when the current EPA expires.

The ceiling tariff for the tender is Rs 2.65/kWh. MSEDCL will enter into a power purchase arrangement (PPA), with the successful bidder, for a period 12 years starting on the date the PPA is executed.

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The winning bidder will manage power transmission from the point of interconnection to the point of termination, as well as infrastructure for energy accounting.

In the event of repowering wind turbines, only type-certified models of wind turbines will be allowed. This is to ensure that only high-quality systems can be installed. Current intrastate wind energy projects will continue to connect to the grid.

It must install the entire system for real-time data visibility according to the guidelines and requirements set forth by Kalwa, the state load despatch centre, within six months of execution of the PPA with MSEDCL.

The 12-year PPA term will allow the generator to repower the project for up to six months. The generator will not be in default during this period of repowering if it fails to deliver power.

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