Energiequelle Completes Torvenkylä Wind Farm In Finland


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The Torvenkylä wind farm in Kalajoki has been completed by Energiequelle GmbH’s Finnish subsidiary. It is anticipated that the seven N163 turbines, each with a hub height of 126 metres and a rated output of 39.9 MW, will eventually supply the Finnish power grid with clean energy. The Torvenkylä wind farm, like the other Energiequelle projects in Finland that have already been built, makes money from the electricity market without the help of the government.

The KlimaVest Impact Fund has purchased the Torvenkylä wind farm from Energiequelle. Individual investors can also put their money into projects and renewable energy sources that have been shown to help cut CO2 emissions, for example, through this fund. KlimaVest received investment advice from Commerz Real, a Commerzbank subsidiary, and the acquisition of the wind farm was managed by Commerz Real.

Another significant achievement for Finland’s subsidiary of Energiequelle

The large number of wind farms in the town of Kalajoki make it a pioneer in the field of wind energy. Energy Quelle has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the Torvenkylä wind farm. Nils Borstelmann, Managing Director of Energiequelle in Finland, states, “With the Torvenkylä wind farm, our company is now generating a total of more than 100 megawatts of renewable energy in Finland.”

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Energiequelle is developing its first solar projects in Finland, where it is planning wind energy projects with a total output of more than 2,500 MW.


Energiequelle GmbH has been working on a global scale as a project manager and operator of wind energy, biomass, and solar projects, as well as substations and storage facilities, since 1997. Energiequelle’s headquarters are in Kallinchen, near Berlin, with additional locations in Bremen, Oldenburg, Hanover, Putlitz, Penzing, Erfurt, Dresden, Rostock, Leipzig, Guntersblum, Magdeburg, Wiesbaden and Spremberg, Luckenwalde, Rennes, Dijon, and Bordeaux (France), Helsinki (Finland), and Poznan (Poland). Energiequelle is a major firm in the sector, with over 400 workers and over 800 plants completed with a total output of roughly 1,500 MW.

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