Siemens Gamesa And Repsol Partner To Provide Clean Energy To 160,000 Spanish Households


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Siemens Gamesa and Repsol have expanded their business connections by signing two additional contracts for the delivery of 40 SG 5.0-145 onshore turbines for six wind farms totaling 200 MW in Spain. Repsol will have eight wind farms using Siemens Gamesa technology, totaling 324 MW, as a result of this arrangement.

The first of two contracts agreed by the two firms involves four wind farms near Palencia, Northern Spain, as part of Repsol’s Pi project. These will be powered by 28 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 140 MW.

The second contract will entail the installation of two wind farms as part of Repsol’s Delta II project in the province of Zaragoza in northeast Spain. In this situation, 12 onshore turbines with a total capacity of 60 MW will be erected. The two contracts involve five years of maintenance for the six wind farms.

One of the turbines that will be installed at these wind farms can offer electricity to around 4,000 households, implying that once all 40 turbines are operational, they would provide clean energy to approximately 160,000 homes in Spain. Furthermore, they will save the release of 540,000 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of more than 300,000 automobiles.

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The construction of these six wind farms will benefit the Spanish wind industry because all of the components of the 40 turbines that comprise these farms – towers, blades, and nacelles – will be made at different plants in Spain.

The 40 wind turbine nacelles will be assembled at the Siemens Gamesa plant in Agreda (Soria), the gearboxes at the plants in Asteasu (Guipzcoa), Lerma (Burgos), and the city of Burgos, and the electrical components at the factories in Reinosa (Cantabria), San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), and Benisanó (Valencia).

Furthermore, the production of these components will help the company’s suppliers. Siemens Gamesa spent 1.4 billion euros on products and services from its suppliers last year, a 25% increase from 2021.

“This important agreement reached with Repsol allows us to strengthen our relationship with one of the most committed companies in Spain with renewable energies and supports the necessary boost to the sector in our country. Our aim is to continue working side by side with our customers to advance the growth of wind energy in Spain, which will help promote a green transition and further the cause of energy independence”,  said Kerman Gabiola, managing director of Siemens Gamesa in Spain.

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“This new agreement with Siemens Gamesa allows us to continue progressing towards our ambitious goal of reaching 6 GW of installed renewable capacity by 2025 and 20 GW by 2030. Renewable energies are key to Repsol’s decarbonization strategy, which has set itself the challenge of becoming zero net emissions by 2050,” says Enrique Pedrosa, COO of Repsol Low Carbon Generation for Europe and Latam at Repsol Low Carbon Generation.

Siemens Gamesa strengthens its position in Spain, where it has 15.4 GW, or 52% of total installed capacity, according to figures from the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) for the end of 2022.

Spain is one of the countries that is most supportive of renewable energy. The country’s 2030 aim is to achieve 42% of final energy usage from renewables and 74% of power supply from renewables, with the goal of reaching 100% renewable by 2050.

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