Energiequelle Commissions Saint-Morand Wind Farm in France


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P&T Technologie, the French subsidiary of Energiequelle, has successfully commissioned the Saint-Morand wind farm in Martigné-Ferchaud and Éancé. Situated in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine, this wind farm contributes to the Roche aux Fées Communauté’s ambitious objective of achieving a positive energy balance by 2050. With the addition of four state-of-the-art Enercon E-103 wind turbines of 160 meters in height and generating an output of 2.35 MW each, the region’s green electricity production is set to surge to an annual total of 25,000,000 kWh. P&T Technologie has been actively involved in contributing to this renewable energy mission since the commissioning of the first wind farm, Les Douves des Épinettes, back in  2011.

Matthieu Le Drévo, Technical Director at P&T, is ecstatic about the successful commissioning and partnership with the Roche aux Fées Communauté. Speaking about the development, he said, “With this project, we are increasing our commitment in the region, which is further strengthened by our cooperation with FEEOLE since 2012 within the framework of the Énergie des Fées citizens’ project. The relationship that has been built up here is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

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The official inauguration is slated for September,  which is a significant milestone for P&T and the progress of sustainable power in the region. It is P&T’s 27th wind farm in France and will increase the total installed capacity of the region to 280 MW.

Ronald Bach, Senior Project Manager at Energiequelle, added, “After ten years, we were able to achieve this significant project completion in close cooperation with our French team colleagues. We are very proud of that.”

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